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President Weah Practices Tubmanism Political Doctrine?

The essentiality of a Maryland icon, who once served as the seventeenth President of the Republic of Liberia in person of the late William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, born on 11/29/1895 to a US’s Georgian mother and an ex-slaved of a Negro descent father from the Caribbean who had his voyage to Liberia and begin a Liberian national, he should be credited for keeping Liberia backward for 27-unbrokened-years through his most impregnable and ill-starred political docket, coupled with stonewalled foreign and domestic policies which has continued to have a far-reaching consequences on modern Liberia’s politics, domestic and foreign policies in a manner that is vehemently unacceptable.

This doesn’t in any way negate the perception that the late president Tubman didn’t undertake other giant political initiatives. It simply implies that Tubman birthed and left behind some misguided political doctrines that have continued to undermine Liberia as a nation. The question that arose: Were those initiatives he undertook truly substantive? Did those initiatives had any long-term impact and consequences on the lives and developmental pace of the Republic of Liberia in cognizance of the current status of Liberia as a nation?

The answer is blatant no. No, because, Tubman left behind a dangerous political doctrine that has continued to vandalize the political landscape of Liberia. Tubmanism has been upheld, protected and practiced by all governments including President Weah’s government since the demised the late Tubman. Annoyingly, Tubmanism political doctrines are known as: “Open Door Policy”, and its horrific and devilish “National Unification Policy.”

Tubman’s “National Unification Policy” viciously encouraged the immigration of hundreds and thousands of blacks from the US, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America to settle in Liberia, even if they didn’t have any clear political or economic agenda. This quarter of century-old Tubmanism doctrines are currently affecting the foundation of Liberia’s social economic and political growth.

Tubman doctrines have given foreigners the green light to come to Liberia to steal, destroy, maim, abuse our wives and daughters and most seriously, they gammed and smuggled our resources with the support of corrupt Liberian politicians and their unpatriotic collaborators in high places. These foreigners have tarnished Liberia dignity by insulting the nation’s political sovereignty in many ways. Today, the visibility of foreigners has tripled than it has even been 50-years ago.

Tubman is doing Liberia more harm than good. It has continued to undermine Liberia’s immigration policy, endangered Liberia’s border security and the Weah’s government like all his predecessors are comfortable with the enforcement of Tubmanism. Tubmanism has permeated the Liberian society with a quarter of a million foreigners taking Liberian jobs and enriching themselves at the expense of impoverished Liberians.

Foreigners have made life three times unbearable for ordinary Liberians. For example, the Nigerians, Ghanaians, Ivorians, Senegalese, Sierra Leoneans, Guineans, and Fulani are living a rich life that they couldn’t have ever imagined living such life in their nations of origin. Some have encroached on Liberian selling spots, the Liberian marketeers no longer have space to sell their goods. Liberia transportation has been hijacked by terrible Guinean transport merchants, the best part of our lands has been taken away by foreigners.

The so-called open-door policy also allowed the in fluxed of huge Lebanese dangerous merchants and firms like the then Liberia Swedish Mineral Company, LAMCO and Firestone, Bong Mines etc., etc. These companies did suck and have continued to suck Liberia’s limited mineral resources and leaving Liberians in acute poverty. Today, the Lebanese, Fulani, and the Chinese business people are exploiting Liberia through their dubious business empires which they used to bribe government officials by undermining the development of Liberia. Tubman is affecting the domestic growth the insecurity of ordinary Liberians.

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The current Liberian government under President Weah has a mindset that opening Liberia to the influx of more and more foreigners would make Liberia a great country in Africa because Liberia and Liberians care for other Africans. This is an illusion that has to be destroyed by Liberian themselves. One cannot love others than him/herself. Most of these foreigners are taking away Liberia’s logs, golds, diamonds, jobs, fisheries and the best part of the land due to the status of a very weak government in Liberia coupled with its feeble constitution, since the birth of Liberia, July 26, 1847. Until Liberians can begin to disabuse their mindset of Tubmanism and chase foreigners out of Liberia, Liberia will not be same after one elected government to another.

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