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President Weah’s Speech: Was It Poisoner Pills for Liberians?

Presidential speeches are intended to effectuate multiple intentions, superior amount them, is the direct abatement of potential fears and huge fogginess of rapid discomfort of the future. Presidential speeches should by and large endeavor to rekindle the hopes and aspirations of its fatigued citizens of a nation, and not necessarily what a president thinks he has delivered. But President Weah’s articulation to Liberians created enormous uneasiness for the future of the Liberian’s economy which amounts to a momentous cloud of systemic suspicion, distrust, and frustrations among the citizenry of Liberia.

It wasn’t the beauty or the colorful nature of President Weah’s enunciation that matters on 7/16. What matters, is the effects and the substantive character of the President’s speech. For example, President Weah lamented “Additionally, the prices and demand for our exports are determined and affected by factors beyond our borders and are therefore beyond our control?” Yes, President Weah was aware of these factors when he served as Senator, he had more than12-years preparing to take over the Liberian presidency, therefore the phrase “… it is beyond our control” is appalling and unacceptable by weary Liberians. Where are President Weah’s best scholars, experts, masterminds, and outstanding and knowledgeable advance political Liberian scientists he promised to bring on board of his government to help him manage his government since he doesn’t know everything about political bureaucracy? The Liberian presidency is not necessarily a practice center for young politicians, it is a place for political veterans who are prepared for the Herculean task.
President Weah voiced further “The key to success in this endeavor is for Liberians to produce more goods and services locally, so that we reduce our importation of goods and services from abroad, whilst at the same time increasing our exports and adding value to the raw materials that we ship to the world.” No, President Weah, Liberian businesses are unable to produce more good and services, especially at the time when your government is encouraging foreigners to take over the sickling Liberian badly wounded economic.
President Weah should know that the Liberian economic will remain very devastating at least for now until all dangerous foreign businesses are weeded out of the Liberian society and send home. For example, the Chinese are burning charcoal, selling woods, mining Liberian sand and breaking rocks, selling of cold water on all streets in Liberia. There are foreign market women taking over all small and big market spots at all Liberian marketplaces across Liberia, thus depriving local marketers to sell advisedly in their native land. Foreigners have jammed the entire market grounds, how can Liberian marketeers survive under such a competitive business condition, when ordinary Liberian marketeers are being denied space to even sell their goods. This nonsense doesn’t see daylight either in Ghana or Nigeria.
President Weah also mentioned, “And in so doing, we intend to encourage and empower Liberian businessmen and Liberian-owned businesses to lead the transformation of the Liberian economy.” Before President Weah can capacitate Liberian businesses, he should weed out all small illegal foreign businesses and let Liberian take over the small business themselves. For example, all foreign businesses should be headed by Liberians and co-headed by the owner themselves. Until the government of Liberia can change the entire business outlook, all small Liberian businesses will continue to suffer immensely from time to time.
President Weah 4-points economic measures to alleviate the terrible economic problem especially the infliction issue will continue to create additional economic obstacles in Liberia due to the presence of the foreigners who have hijacked the Liberian economic. President Weah suggested “An immediate infusion by the Central Bank of Twenty-Five Million United States Dollars into the economy to mop up the excess liquidity of Liberian dollars” This is a very dangerous precedence by the Liberian government trying to alleviate the bad economic problem in the nation.
To do this, the Liberian government must first weed out organized groups producing enormous Liberian counterfeit dollars in the system and throw them in prison. Second, the Liberian government should relocate the printing of the Liberian dollar from China to the U.S. for security purposes. Third, the Liberian government should replace the U.S. dollar with Liberian dollars as only Liberia’s legal currency. The persistent use of the U.S. dollar in Liberia will continue to suffocate the nation’s struggling economy. The foreigners are in Liberia because of the US dollar, not because they love Liberians.
President Weah’s suggestion “A mandate to the Central Bank to provide more effective supervision and regulation of money-changers or foreign exchange bureau.” The Liberian government should have one exchange rate center. The exchange rate center should be run exclusively by Liberians. It should be a crime in Liberia for foreigners to engage in any foreign exchange matter in the country. The exchange business has legitimized the counterfeit production and the persistent hoaxing of the U.S. dollar which is dangerous for the Liberian economic. It is true that money exchangers and foreign banks are sucking the U.S. dollar out of the system and replacing it with huge counterfeits Liberian dollar which will continue to add to the ongoing inflation problem in Liberia.
The speech from the understanding of Liberian marketeers, it annihilates their business spirit. President Weah utterance from the perspectives of the church, it dashed the expectations of the church; the speech from the student perspectives, it eroded their hope for the future; the speech from the opposition point of view, it created an acute frustration and disappointment; the president’s talk from the perspective of foreigners’ it was superb and a wonderful speech; the speech from Weah’s government’s officials standpoint, it was tremendously achievable; the speech from the diasporas Liberian’s perspective, then it didn’t go far enough; the speech from journalists’ perspectives, it wasn’t guided by past Liberian experience regarding the country economic problem; the speech from a syndicate’s writer point of view it was very poor. President Weah should be thanked at least for speaking to his people on the state of affairs of the which yielded no real results. The speech didn’t have the needed substance to affect the needed changes for the upbeat of the Liberian economic.
It can be recalled that H.E. President Weah 4-points economic measures to solve the struggling Liberian economic was replicated by President Weah’s Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah who crafted those 4-points from the Governance and Economic Management Assistance Program (GEMAP) of 2005. The GEMAP was used by the Liberian government and the international community, via the International Contact Group on Liberia (ICGL) to reshape the fundamentally broken system of governance after the Liberian civil war but failed miserably under the then President’s Sirleaf’s government.

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