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Presidential Power

This Exercise takes a comparative look at the power relationships of the three Branches of government – the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary – of the Republic of Liberia and some of the other governments of the African Continent.

Although the Republic of Liberia had been historical and a diligent participant of the African Continental Politics – Corruption(massive theft of public resources with public display of ostentatious lifestyles by government officials); ConstantVotes-rigging; Constitutional manipulations for illegal third Term; and numerous, other non-democratic activities since political independence on July 26, 1847, but the Republic of Liberia is, apparently, alone, in implementing and maintaining power superiority over and control of the other two Branches – Legislative and Judiciary – by the Executive Branch.

Thus in Liberia, the Executive Branch has become superior with its Head, the President of the Republic, a Presidential-Emperor who controls all “co-equal” branches of government with other tworeduced to rubber stamps, unlike the Federal Republic of Nigeria and others in which the Legislatures and Judiciaries are diligently aggressive in exercising their powers and action of expression consistent with constitutional provisions. For examples:

The Uganda High Courtordered the Military and Police (of the Executive Branch) to leave the home of a leading opposition politician, Bobi Wine, held under house arrest. The Court “ruled that Bobi Wine’s detention was unlawful, with Justice Michael Elubu telling the Court (and Executive Branch) it was also an infringement of his (Bobi Wine’s) personal liberties”.

Bobi Wine

Also, the Malawi High Court refused to allow former President Peter Mutharikaaccess to his bank accounts frozen by the country’s Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) pending trial.

Malawi Blocks Ex-President Peter Mutharika access to his bank accounts

Based on past, resent past and prevailing activities, it is reasonable to conclude that these legal, courageous actions could not and would not have been taken here in Liberia. For example, Mr. NdubuisiNwabudike, proven citizen of a foreign country, an illegal act, but still serves as Chair of Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) in flagrant violation of law and, even, after Mr.Nwabudike was removed from membership of the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA).

Deeply Troubled and Disappointed
Indeed, we are deeply troubled and disappointed by President Weah’s recentAnnual Messagebecause of several missed opportunities.Major examples are that President Weah’sCabinet and general administration are dominated by the former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s loyalists – rebels, civil war fighters, generals, NPP mass murderer, civil and human rights violators, criminals, thieves, and corrupt officials.

Moreover, it is reported that the former President is now king-makerbehind the George Weah Presidential Throne, although she was booted out as Standard Bearer of the UNITY Party for, reportedly, financing opposition political party campaign for protection from prosecution for alleged economic and war crimes.

For, we had hoped that young George Weah,experienced victim of Monrovia’s ghetto slum, indigenous citizen and now President of the Republic, will not and must not fail for obvious reasons. But now, all of these difficult, protracted conditions!!

                                                                          Chief Justice Korkpor     US Embassy Official

The Liberian Supreme Court
Now, the Liberia High Court “slams US Department of Treasury allegations of bribery within Liberian Judiciary” with the statement of “zero tolerance for corruption”.

But just recently, the Liberian Senate mustered the courage to try, convict and removed an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court upon validated evidence that he (the Associate Justice) then in Chambers:

a) Advised his business partners-petroleum importers (who collected some $30 million US from Liberians as tax for roads/highway construction/repairs but failed and refused payment to Government) to submit request to the High court for prohibition to stop government from demanding payment and he, the Associate Justice in Chambers issued the Prohibition that stopped the government. He, the Associate Justice, was and is paid continuous bribes;

b) All other Associate Justices approved the unlawful action of the Chamber Justice, including the Chief Justice who presided the Senate trial and the recently-retired Associate Justice who appeared as defense witness; and

c) That we, Liberians, at the receiving end know that theJudiciary is a Denfor the highest bidder – corruptionpayments, jury tampering and bail manipulations with corrupt “insurance” companies. We are sure that the US Government knows that the Liberian Judiciary’s statement of “zero tolerance” is a blatant lie and falsehood.

      Counselor-at-Law Charles Gibson

The Recurring problem of Cllr. Charles Gibson
The man is a trained professional, a lawyer, who should and must be treated just like any other, not on the flimsy, corrupt excuse of “mercy” that exposes the nation to the absence of collective security. Cllr. Charles Gibson has been appointed and submitted for Senate confirmation twice but rejected each time. Something must be wrong with Lawyer Gibson in terms of character and behavior.

According to Front Page Africa, “Cllr. Charles Gibson is back in the spotlight for allegedly tampering with the bidding process that could see Liberia’s residence and work permit data land in the hands of a Dubai company which has no experience in handling national security documents and data. Documents obtained by Front Page Africa show that the Ministry of Labor (with Cllr. Gibson as Minister) in collaboration with Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) crafted the tender in a manner that sought to suppress local companies’ ability to ably compete the bid”.

Moreover, “the UAE delegation, according to Executive Mansion, was invited to the country by the Minister of State W/O Portfolio, Mr. TrokonKpui and Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel McGill”. These reported activities are classic examples for Liberian corruption payments. The icing on the cake is the personal reasoning by Senator Milton Teahjay of “mercy” for corrupt action (FrontPageAfrica, January 21, 2021).

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this article are that of the author and not of this paper.

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