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Private and public sectors need each other

-George Collins

The Vice President of Comax-Liberia says there can be no good private sector in Liberia without the public sector.
Speaking recently on the topic: “How can the private sector help in solving the economic situations in Liberia today” at the National Youth Enlightenment Summit-2019 under the auspices of Integrity Youth for Progress in Monrovia, Mr. Collins emphasized that government is responsible to create and provides enabling environment for every Liberian to work through introduction of good policies and legislations.He said equally on the other hand, the private sector must also help the government in creating jobs, goods and services in order to have balance sectors.

He admonished youth at the summit to take advantage of the current economic situation in the country by saving in their accounts more Liberian dollars which would eventually add more interest value on their savings at various commercial banks when situation improves.He urged the government to create the environment for people to easily do business which will help to resolving the tight economic environment here.

Also, speaking at the summit on the topic: “How can public sector promote integrity among youth”, a student of governance and public administration at the University of Liberia (UL) and Coordinator of the A. Romeo Horton College, Lamie A. Sallay, calls on Liberians to begin to deny individuals with integrity problem from working in government.
He said if public officials are preaching integrity, their actions and deeds should represent what they speak and do, as the way of enticing the youth to emulate those good examples.

He notes that public officials should also adapt the value of integrity, adding, there are officials who are qualified for positions in government but lack integrity so they should be denied employment.He wants President George M. Weah and his cabinet officials not only to speak integrity but rather live integrity and as well support anti-graft institutions that require people with integrity to serve.

Sallay asserts that whatever happens in the country affects young people greatly, so government should sustain and promote a strong youth generation and anti-graft institutions faced with integrity problem.

According to him, integrity should first start with President Weah, who must ensure that people being appointed to work in his government do not have integrity problems, stressing, the President cabinet’s closet must be clean of people lacking integrity to work in government.

He calls on the government to create the political will to implement laws and legislations that prevent people with integrity question from working in government, though they might be qualified.
The National Youth Enlightenment Summit-2019 is an annual event that brings together youth from various backgrounds to brainstorm on issues that affect their growth and development as young people in Liberia.By Emmanuel Mondaye

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