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Pro-Tempore Jallah damns ritualistic killings

The President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate and Chairman of the Gbarpolu Legislative Caucus Armah Zolu Jallah categorically condemns wave of ritualistic killings by unknown individuals in Henry Town, Korninga Chiefdom and the country in general.

Senator Jallah says the sadden news of citizens being killed in gruesome manner or chased by unknown heartless individuals, who continue to live with the myth that fellow human body parts can be used to enrich themselves is barbaric and unacceptable.

“This illusive and myopia ideas that has been elevated by these individuals have lived in our society for decades even though there is no evidence that this diabolical practice has improved anyone’s life or has improved the country at large”, he notes.

A release from the Office of the Senate Pro-Tempore quotes him as stressing that the continual practices of ritualistic killing beat his imagination and have created serious fear among citizens.

“What worries me the most is that the Liberia National Police is yet to arrest perpetrators. It will also interest you to note that people who are committing this unwholesome act live with us in some of our communities and some of our citizens know them and harbors them as well,” says Senator Jallah.

He laments that the act of shielding someone or individuals, who have committed a crime is also equivalently guilty as the perpetrators, stressing that it is incumbent that all well-meaning citizens assist the security forces in the quest to bring these perpetrators to justice.

“It is our hope that those citizens who are being mutilated could have help in the building of our community. It is very unfortunate that even in 2017, we have to still talk about ritual killings when other people in Africa are busy developing their countries and making future plans for future generation,” Senator Jallah indicates.

He continued: “This is very unfortunate and unacceptable because there is no way that a human body part can assist anybody to become rich or to be successful in business”.

Senator Jallah rationalizes that the entrenched belief that human body parts are potent medicine and can also bring fortune is suspected to be driving the continuous killing of innocent people.

“I call on all traditional healers and citizens who are involved in ritual killings to refrain from such acts. If you can’t find a proper way of healing our people you better quit as soon as possible because we are no longer going to live in a society where every month we bury our loved ones found mutilated,” he sternly warns.

He emphasizes that the act of ritualistic killing is a serious issue which doesn’t deserve to be swept under the carpet, warning that if the government and people continued to relax and fold their arms, the syndicate will intensify.


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