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Probe officials who owns real-estates

-Weah urged

The leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change wants officials who owns real estate properties in the country investigated.Chairman Mulbah Morlu says this process may validate how officials and other employees working in government acquired new properties and assets, so as to exonerate them from the corruption perception index.
Morlu did not include President Weah himself who constructed about 10 duplexes as private properties in his first year in office.

But addressing a news conference here Tuesday, 10 December Morlu notes that with approval of the three political parties constituting the Coalition for Democratic Change, the government should commission a comprehensive audit of the past administration to establish facts surrounding the country’s resources and its utilization, and prioritize civil servants’ salary payments.

The ruling Coalition also wants President Weah to revisit the ‘salary harmonization’ initiated by government to ensure equity and parity in job classes and between jobs.Morlu says public officials with exception of the President, Vice President, Speaker, Senate Pro tempore, Chief Justice and Deputy Speaker traveling abroad on government should fly economy class, while private trips using government funding be immediately abolished.

The CDC calls for immediate recall of all ambassadors and senior diplomats in the Foreign Service appointed by the former administration who may be working against the agenda of the Weah government.
Morlu calls on President Weah to address the nation on the current economic emergency that led the Executive to request the Liberian Legislature’s return for an extraordinary session.

“Needless to say, the CDC will not hesitate to distance itself from officials of government who will transgress from the popular mandate upon which we were elected. Also, we are not advocating for a cabinet of 100% CDCians as we are on record requesting the President to invite professionals without expressed political alignment, who may be helpful in helping to drive and implement the success of the PAPD,” Morlu told the news conference.

According to him, the current cabinet configuration presents a near-equal representation of opposition and Coalition members, which is an unhelpful political strategy that should be reviewed.

He claims the fact is even much more amplified by former Vice President Boakai’s recent letter to President Weah, asking him to allow aggrieved Liberians to protest as guaranteed under the Constitution and to provide the protesters security.

“It is expulsive and shameful for Hon. Boakai to be a known mastermind of an unconstitutional act of plotted lawlessness against a democratically elected government that has barely spent two years in office; while he and former President Sirleaf had 12 years of uninterrupted tenure, irrespective of the astronomical peak of corruption and bad governance they so much patronized. While our compatriots who are organizing and leading the December 30, 2019 protest have the right to free speech, assembly, and protest, they are a subset of the larger society and their rights must not jeopardize the lives and wellbeing of non-participants,” he says.

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Morlu than distances the CDC from the ‘Weah step down campaign’, saying, in no uncertain terms, the leadership of the CDC condemns statements calling for President Weah to “Step-Down” and calls on all well-meaning Liberians to similarly distance themselves.By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor- Editing by Jonathan Browne

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