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Professor Alaric Tokpa accuses Weah 

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

The National Chairman of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) Professor Alaric Tokpa, accuses President George Weah and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led administration of looting Liberia’s national resources so they must hit the exit door in October’s Presidential and Legislative elections.

“The regime types we have in Liberia from government to government is stealing, and this regime type is lately represented by President George Weah, a footballer who is not a leader and must go”, Professor Tokpa says.

He describes Mr. Weah as a lucky gronna boy, who has little understanding about politics but is at the helm of a post-war country, killing its democracy while manipulating the use of power to control the wealth of the nation.

He stresses that though Mr. Weah must be appreciated as an individual soccer artist, who has helped elevated Liberia through sports, but not as a leader, something, he says clearly defines why the incumbent should leave doing the October poll, emphasizing Mr. Weah must go because he is killing Liberia.

Speaking when he appeared on Spoon Talk over the weekend, Professor Tokpa notes that Liberia is faced with leadership crisis, and the only way to resolve such crisis is step by step, beginning with the removal of Mr. Weah and his gangs, while the other would be a collective effort from citizens to agree on a renewal of a national agenda to fix the country, noting that Liberia’s problem has been a regime crisis that must be faced.

According to him, the Weah-led regime is criminalizing the state, while accusing the President of using his power to control the Legislature and the Judicial branches of government, which should have been independent bodies under similar jurisdiction, but are now controlled by a “Lucky gronna boy.”

The Professor of Political Science at the University of Liberia questions where the Legislature and Judiciary have sat down and allowed themselves to be controlled under an authoritarianism, noting that Liberia is not democratic, but an autocratic state.

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He continues that Mr. Weah has found pleasure in stealing and looting the country, while the executive controls the other two branches of government.

Professor Tokpa once served as chairman of the Department of Political Science at the University of Liberia. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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  1. The professor is right, as a well learned professor in political science understand the dynamic of politics and governance and as to see a lucky gronna boy like Weah as he Weah is been described by the professor who has no formal education, no parentage guardian, no leadership orientation from youth and lack the ability to handle a family responsibility is spearheading a country that entrance with too many challenges. What can we expect this empty headed man to do in the mix of all these challenges? Nothing but to loot the country resources with his group of gangs that sing praises to him even when going wrong.
    So professor, please work along with the Liberian people to remove gronna boy off our back.

  2. How did this professor acquire his proficiency? Not referring only to offers that educated him. Personal and some of the stolen. In as much I could not condone exploiting government to gain illegal wealth, it is not fair to pin point when one might be intermingled in activities. On the other end, the people of this nation at this crucial election time is not capitalizing on how much academia or international foot fame. Not even wealth. Some of us not canvassing got more money than all of you. If this President had won his past election on football, the it would have more been a world cup to Liberia or ACN. Liberia’s present election will prove what capability we seek in the leader we now need post a civil war to keep and maintain the type of peace and prosperity we once had for the first freedom amongst African Nations.

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