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Proper Maintenance – The Main Challenge of the New LNP Hierarchy

THE PRESENCE OF the Liberia National Police or LNP is currently being felt in most communities in Monrovia and its environs. THE DECISION FOR the deployment of police men and women in communities and streets is in consonance with the 100-day deliverables of the new hierarchy of the LNP.

ADDITIONALLY, POLICE PATROLS in and around the city are becoming very visible, especially in the wake of the provision of logistics made available by the Liberian administration through budgetary allotment.

ALREADY, THE POLICE is gradually moving towards the achievement of other deliverables, including actions against ghettoes and street crimes, initially began immediately upon the confirmation of the new Inspector General and his Deputy for Operations.

ENSURING THESE VEHICLES for the men and women of the Liberia National Police at this point- in -time when crimes and traffic violations are at the highest peak across the country is whole-heartedly commendable.

WHILE WE HAIL the administration for this latest move as a way of motivating the new leadership of the police for success, it is now incumbent on the authorities of the LNP to also ensure proper management and maintenance of the new vehicles now seen on the streets and in communities in furtherance of the 100-day deliverables.

OUR CONCERN IS against the backdrop of the inability of the police to ensure proper maintenance of previous logistics as evidenced by the presence of damage vehicles and motor-cycles on the basement of the National Police Headquarters on the Capitol By-Pass in Central Monrovia, even though they have now been removed from there.

AND SO, THE current challenge to Inspector General Gregory Coleman, especially if his administration at the LNP must attract more support from the Liberian administration and partners, is to maintain these vehicles. In other words, drivers of these operational vehicles must be those officially assigned to drive.

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AS INSPECTOR GENERAL Coleman indicated during his confirmation before the Liberian Senate, discipline at all levels of the Liberia National Police must be the hallmark of his administration; and such must begin with commanders and senior officers who use these vehicles at will only because of the authority they exercise over assigned junior officers and drivers of police vehicles.

BUT AGAIN, WITH THE high level of professional training, enthusiasm and passion brought into the leadership, many Liberians are of the strongest conviction that with an ‘eagle eye’ on Colonel Coleman and others, the best will come out of the Liberia National Police in ensuring public safety across the country.

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