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PROTEL seeks protection for children

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A local group, Protect the Children, Incorporated or PROTEL, is calling on the Government of Liberia and child rights other institutions to protect children from being abused on social media.

Speaking on Wednesday in an Interview in Monrovia, Executive Director Thomas Fomba says, PROTEL was established after it saw the need to take advocacy against the abuse of children to another level, particularly on the internet since most of the advocacies of violence against children are basically off line.

He explains the organization has instituted mechanisms to address abuses children are faced with regularly on the internet.He says PROTEL has identified parents and teachers as strategic partners in the fight against children abuse on social media, promising to work with them closely.

Thomas further discloses the institution has been involved with providing training, conducting seminars, and campaigns to create awareness about the abuse of children on the internet.

Additionally, he calls on government and non- governmental organizations for both financial and logistical support to enhance his work.He says the institution intends to launch a project on 26 July code-name “Hire us as volunteers” in protecting rights of children.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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