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Protest at Bushrod Island Magisterial Court

-over Dixon Seboe Vs. Bervina Brook Case

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A group of protesters in defense of defendant Bervina Brook, who is standing trial on charges of ‘Criminal Coercion and Disorderly Conduct filed before the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court by Montserrado County Electoral District #16 Representative Dixon Seboe on July 1, 2020 have reportedly stormed the court premises, demanding the accused unconditional release.

Representative Seboe is pressing criminal coercion and disorderly conduct charges against defendant Brook who had earlier accused him of raping her. During preliminary hearing into the case presided over by Judge James F. Dudu, the angry protestors argued that Rep. Soboe sued the defendant to prevent her from pressing alleged ‘Rape’ charges against him.

The protest compelled party litigants, magistrates and state prosecutors who were already in court on official businesses to remain inside the court house for fear of any eventuality that may occur. Court sources told this paper that during hearing into the case, lawyers representing Representative Dixon Seboe requested the court for a change of venue due to what they termed, growing public sentiments in the case.

Our source disclosed that state prosecutors however rejected a Motion of Change of Venue on grounds that the case at bar originated in the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court. Following legal battle between the opposing lawyers, Magistrate James F. Dudu denied the state prosecutor’s request.

Defendant Bervina Brook is alleging that she was sexually abused by the Montserrado County District #16 lawmaker some time ago, but the allegation is yet to be investigated and proven. Meanwhile, calm has returned to the court with regular businesses proceeding in accordance with the court’s mandate.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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