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Protest at MCC

Employees of the Monrovia City Corporation are protesting here in demand of improved working condition, benefits and salary increment. The aggrieved workers, including sweepers, drivers, janitors and security, among others claim the MCC administration led by Mayor Clara Doe-Mvogo has failed to seek their wellbeing since she took over the leadership of the city corporation.

Parading with placards on the grounds of the MCC, they explain that some of them are working without leave, insurance, medical benefit, transportation, since the inception of Mayor Doe-Mvogo’s leadership. Mr. Isaac Walker, who claims to be spokesperson for the protesting workers, laments that most of them have not received salary, incentives and other benefits for several months, but they continue to work.

He says Mayor Doe-Mvogo doesn’t care about them and condition under which they work although they have written her officially on their plight, but she is yet to address their concerns.

They vow to continue the protest until authorities at the Ministry of Labor intervenes because they are tired of unfair labor practices, coupled with disrespect despite the fact that they are ones doing the dirty job for the MCC.  They continue that Mayor Doe-Mvogo has refused to call general staff meetings simply because she does not want the workers to confront her with their plight. Officials of the MCC have promised to respond later.  By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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