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Protest rocks LFA congress

The extraordinary congress of the Liberia Football Association or LFA was greeted with massive protest against one of its presidential contenders, Musatapha Raji. The protesters over the weekend, 24 February claim that Mr. Raji, who is President for a local football club LISCR, is a Nigerian national so he can’t occupy the nation’s football house as president.

The LFA extraordinary congress is geared towards constituting an election commission for the holding of the LFA’s elections scheduled for March 25. The congress is also intended to resolve some internal challenges facing the football house.

A spokesperson for the protesters, E. Tyrone Marshall, says for too long Liberians have allowed sports which is a unifying tool to be dead in the country. “I heard the name that irritated me so badly, and that name is Musatapha Raji. We will not give our FA to a Nigerian; that will be the last thing that stakeholders of the local house should think. He will be resisted and kick out by every available legal means. Raji is an ECOWAS citizen, we allow that but to think about contesting for the FA presidency is far from fetch”, he maintains.

According to him, any attempt to allow Raji to contest, officials and local associations will feed him negatively by series of protest. “There are billionaires in the English premier league but they don’t think about contesting for the English Football Association presidency.”

When Raji was contacted by this paper to speak to the allegation, he declined on grounds that he will not give credence to cheap talks. But LFA President Musa Hassan Bility says the LFA under his administration will not entertain division in the Association. Mr. Bility, who has completed is second term, vows that he would not seek a third term, but stresses that the issue of protest against nationality is impropriate and uncalled for in the contemporary time and age.

He says the ascendency of Ambassador George Manneh Weah to the Liberian presidency is clear indication that Liberia football will get on its right footing and that the future of the game appears to be brighter.


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