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Public awaits Weah’s test

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Disclosure by Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbe that President George Manneh Weah is expected to test his health status for the COVID-19 has increased the public anxiety to know whether or not the president has in anyway been exposed to the virus.Though the test is pending, but the Executive Mansion in Monrovia has clarified that President Weah is well and sound despite unsubstantiated reports by some media entities that Mr. Weah has contracted the new coronavirus.

“President Weah will do his test very soon”, Press Secretary Kelgbeh told the New Dawn Wednesday, as he dismissed rumors that the President is COVID-19 positive.

In the entire week the social media has been flooded with rumors that President Weah may have contracted the virus from two key members of his cabinet – Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean and the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, who both have been officially confirmed positive.Both officials are being quarantined at the 14 Military Hospital, the government’s main quarantine center outside Monrovia.

Speaking to this paper Thursday, 30th April in a random interview, several residents said President Weah submitting himself for testing and the result coming negative would not just bring great relief, but lay the entire issue to rest to enable him keep focus on the ongoing fight, while steering the affairs of state.

“I am happy that the President is ready to do his test so that all these gossips would stop”, Edwin Randall, a resident of Chicken Soup Factory, Gardnersville remarked.
He noted such speculations about the leader has a potential to put the entire country unease in the midst of a major national crisis.

“My son, some people are just bent on wishing the leader God has placed over them evil, but nothing will happen to President Weah”, expressed Elizabeth Pratt, 43.

A youth leader in Battery Factory community, Augustine Paye, accused opponents of President Weah for spreading such dangerous rumor, saying, they always like to wish him (Mr. Weah) evil.
Several high-level officials got infected with the virus from a regional joint security meeting hosted in Monrovia on 11th April leading to the death of the head of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Marcus Soko.

Justice Minister Cllr. Dean presided over that meeting as Chair of the Joint Security, which was also attended by the Information Minister Nagbe and the Minister of National Defense Retired General Daniel Ziahnkan, among other senior leaders of the Joint Security here.
Minister Ziahnkan was subsequently tested negative at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville, but his colleagues were not so lucky.

However, Mr. Solo Kelgbeh further clarified that President Weah did not come in close contact with any of the affected officials as it is rumored since the incident.
“President Weah has been working from home. He holds large meetings at his Jamaica Resort and small group meetings at his residence”, he explained. Story by Jonathan Browne

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