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Public Works expresses frustration

Gyude Moore NDThe Ministry of Public Work has expressed serious frustration with citizens living in Liberia. The ministry said citizens only ‘cry’ out to the government in the event of problems within the various communities across the country against bad road conditions, but fail to appreciate the government’s efforts when such roads are reconditioned or reconstructed.

According to the Public Works Ministry, it was difficult to complete the Greenville Road for the just-ended July 26 Independence celebrations in Sinoe and Grand Kru Counties. Minister Gyude Moore made the comments recently when he appeared at the Information Ministry regular press briefings on Tuesday, September 1,2015 on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

Minister Moore accused citizens of not being appreciative of the works done by the government, making specific reference to the Greenville Road. “Since the celebrations, no one person has called on the government, through the Ministry of Public Works, to thank them for their tireless efforts in making sure that the country had a successful celebration,” Moore told the MICAT Tuesday’s Press briefing.

The Minister, who appeared to be in an emotional mood, indicated that it was not just to speak against the government when things are going wrong will be the solution, but to also acknowledge the government, especially the engineers who sacrificed most of their time to have this work done.

He noted that said to speak against something was not a bad idea because of the change it required, but citizens must also appreciate the government for when there are changes arrives,” he added. “We agree that most of our community roads are damaged roads, but we are now in the raining season, and we are embarking on the plan to establish Systematic Road Maintenance in the country that will help to identify problems that are on the roads.

We don’t want to build or construct roads that will last for only 3-4 years; but with the establishment of the systematic road maintenance, we strongly believe that most of our roads in the country will last a longer time than we expect it – but how can we do that when our current budget is too small with only US$23m; that amount is limited to reconstruct various roads in the country he said,” he noted, stressing the need for the government and its partners to generate funds for road maintenance. Minister Moore noted that Liberia needs a concrete pavement, with a lifespan of about 30 years with less maintenance in every part of the country.

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