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Public Works Warns against Sand Mining

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The director of communication at the Ministry of Public Works, Jesefu Morris Keita, has reiterated calls by the Ministry of Public of Works for individuals engaged in illicit sand mining to stop or face the full weight of law.

“We are again warning people engaging in illicit River sand mining to immediately desist, as the Ministry is prepared and will not hesitate to take drastic legal action against those caught,” Keita said in an interview with a reporters on Thursday in Monrovia.

He described River sand mining as illegal, cautioning those involved and those thinking about getting involved with the act to desist. He made specific reference to the mining of sand under the bridge linking

Caldwell, Vai Town and Waterside and the Jamaica Road-Somalia Drive intersection. “Sand mining threatens the lifespan of bridges,” Keita said.

The Ministry of Public Works has, over time, warned against illicit sand mining with the awareness that the practice causes more harm to public facilities. It is interesting to note that despite the awareness, some individuals continue to be seen engaging in such operation as the means of obtaining livelihood.


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