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PUL condemns alleged intimidation

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The Press Union of Liberia has condemned the alleged intimidation of the Publisher of the Independent Probe Newspaper Chester A. Smith allegedly by the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs.

Journalist Smith in a letter to the PUL explained that Minister Nathaniel Mcgail and Deputy Minister Eugene Fargohn intimidation followed an article carried on the Independent Probe Newspaper, November 16, 2020, official website under the captioned “Over Mobutu Nyenpan’s Death: Minister Nathaniel McGill Opens Cane of Worms; Says He died Allegedly from food eaten from Paris Restaurant, But Owner vows law suit.”

Journalist Smith told the PUL in his complaint that Both Ministers viciously demanded him to rewrite the headline carried as it was misquoting Minister Nathaniel McGill and accused Mr. Chester A. Smith, Publisher, Independent probe newspaper, of undermining the government of Liberia, and being paid by opposition.

The Press Union Liberia has however launched an independent investigation into the intimidation against Chester Smith and other Journalists in recent times.

The PUL is therefore warning the two government officials against implementing their intimidation tactics and vowed to take serious action if anything happen to the Liberian Journalist.

The Union believes that the wave of threats, intimidation and Attacks against Journalists by Agents of the Government has reach a disproportionate level and the media is planning stronger action in response to these acts.

The Press Union of Liberia is again calling on the Liberia National Police to protection for all Liberian Journalists including Chester Smith.

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