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PUL confirms burglary at its headquarters

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The Press Union of Liberia or PUL has confirmed a burglary at its headquarters on Clay Street, Monrovia. PUL says it lost equipment worth more than US$8,000 (Eight thousand United State dollars) as a result of the burglary, which occurred on Friday, July 8, 2016.

According to the Union, materials determined lost so far include two desktop computers, six laptops, cameras, a 50GB detachable back-up, a television with DVD player, a wall clock, four cell phones and two microphones. Also observed missing are three stabilizers, a 2.5 KVA generator, two gift packages of adult and girls materials.

PUL says this is the third theft at its headquarters in three years. Two years ago, the Union vastly improved security measures on its facilities, following a burglary that led to loss of nearly $3000. A release issued by the Union says the burglars made their way into the PUL Headquarters through the main entrance by breaking the locks on the door. The recent thievery has stalled the works of the Press Union of Liberia and recorded the heaviest loss of updated data on media development in Liberia.

The President of the Press Union of Liberia, K. Abdullai Kamara suspects the theft was a planned raid of the PUL Secretariat. “When all the computers in the secretariat are taken away and others left in the monitoring room and elsewhere in the building is not stolen, we are bewildered”, Kamara is quoted as saying.

He intimated that the burglary speaks to grave social and security challenges the country is faced with. The Clay Street suburb of Monrovia where the PUL Headquarters is located has experienced increased burglaries in recent weeks. 

The release says the Liberia National Police has been informed of the burglary at the PUL headquarters. Press release

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