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Putu Mining Company vows to stay

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Putu Iron Ore Mining Company in Liberia has vowed to remain in the country, despite the outbreak of the Ebola virus. The company said times of crisis like the Ebola outbreak here, provide an opportunity to identify with Liberians by helping to kick the virus out of the country.

Chief Executive Officer, Christian Masurenko, said his company regrets the outbreak and called on Liberians to remain strong and courageous in the ongoing fight. Several concession companies operating in the country, including Sime Derby Plantation Company have scaled down operations and sent expatriates home in the wake of the outbreak.

But CEO Masurenko assured that the Putu Mining Company will not abandon Liberia in her critical moments, saying, “Putu Mining Company will not leave Liberia in this crisis; we will be with the people as we all combat the deadly disease that has killed many people in the region.”

He spoke over the weekend at the National Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill when he donated 75 bags of rice, several cartons of beefs, sardines and luncheon meat for quarantined police officers at the Police Barracks on Camp Johnson Road, Monrovia. Authorities of the Liberia National Police recently quarantined the barracks after some officers reportedly got infected with the Ebola virus.

The CEO said his company is in prayers with the affected officers as they go through the quarantine and the trauma of the virus, stressing that it is important that the officers eat nutritional food while undergoing their ordeal.

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaReceiving the donation on behalf of the LNP, deputy police director for administration, William Mulbah, thanked the company for the gesture. Col. Mulbah described the Ebola outbreak as a complete setback for the entire country, not only the police. He said the food will be given to the officers and praised the company for its farsightedness in coming to the aid of the quarantined officers.

Col. Mulbah also extended thanks and appreciation to the Kailondo Group of Companies for also donating to the officers, while emphasizing the need for all Liberians to their double efforts in fighting the Ebola virus.

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