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PYJ brands Kogar, Younquoi as troublemakers

By Thomas Domah, Nimba County

The chairperson of the Nimba County legislative caucus Senator Prince Yormie Johnson (PYJ) has lashed out at two members of the caucus: district#8 Representative Larry Younquoi and district#5 Representative Samuel Kogar, branding them as troublemakers, who have refused to cooperate with his leadership.

Speaking to reporters during a visit Tuesday, October 26 to Ganta City, Nimba County, the former warlord and political leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) party said, he is working smoothly with the rest of the caucus members but Representatives Samuel Kogar (D-5) and Larry Younquoi (D-8) are a thorn in his flesh, opposing every step he takes in moving the caucus forward.

He says the other caucus members are united but both men are always bent on causing trouble for the caucus and the entire county administration.

However, in response to the allegation, Representatives Larry Younquoi and Samuel Kogar note that past lawmakers were always in disarray with Sen. PYJ because of his divide and rule leadership style.

According to them, Senator Johnson, as caucus chair has failed to unite them. They instead, accused him of daily fomenting troubles for the rest of the caucus members.

Senator Younquoi specifically has always differed with the ex-warlord turned politician, who he wants to be prosecuted for alleged atrocities committed during the Liberian Civil War.

He remains a stern critic of Senator PYJ, who he believes has his hands stained with blood like other former warlords from the nation’s bloody conflict.

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The people of Nimba, including chiefs and elders, youths, women groups, and caucus members some time ago converged at a church in Ganta, and presented the key of the county to Senator Johnson, asking him to unite them.

But our Nimba correspondent says from 2019 to the present, the Senator, who is in his third 9-year term from 2005, has flagrantly failed to promote unity and provide leadership.

Meanwhile, the Nimba County District#5 Representative Samuel Kogar denies allegations that he is importing voters from neighboring Guinea to vote for CPP Candidate Francis Maweah in the Nimba district#1 by-election, slated for November 16, 2021. He describes the allegation as absolutely false.

Recently, Senators Prince Johnson and Jeremiah Koung, both from the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction party that is in a marriage with the governing CDC, accused Rep. Kogar of going to Guinea to recruit voters for the CPP in Nimba. 

Speaking to reporters in Ganta, Senators Johnson and Koung said Representative Kogar is constantly involved in importing Ivoirians into Liberia during elections mainly to vote in district#5.

According to them, Rep. Kogar has not been able to independently win an election in his district, noting that the two past elections he won in the district were as a result of importing Ivoirians to Liberia to boost his chances at the poll.

However, Rep. Kogar is not only denying the claim; he calls on the two senators to go to court with their case, if they have any, instead of being bent on publicly destroying his character.

He says his 12 years as a lawmaker is based on the level of development and contribution made to his people, including oversight and representation he continues to provide in the House.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/pyj-campaigns-in-nimba/ Editing by Jonathan Browne

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