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PYJ descends on Masons, homosexuals

The political leader of the opposition political party Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction has called on Liberians to reject any aspirant in the October election, who is a member of the Free and Accepted Mason or anyone who is a homosexual.

Preaching at his church – Christ Chapel of Faith Ministries in Paynesville, Liberia, on Sunday, 15 January, Senator Prince Yormie Johnson said masonic practice is ‘demonic’ and promotes homosexuality and lesbianism, something he noted is the’ worse’ sin in the sight of God Almighty, which God cannot pardon.

Senator Johnson, also an Evangelist is founder and general overseer of the faith Ministries. He said God has revealed to him that masonic and homosexuality aspirants should be rejected at the polls, if Liberians want the country to be once again blessed and favor by God.

According to him, it is time for Liberians to elect God-fearing leaders that will move the country in a way that God will be pleased, warning that anything contrary to the warning of the Almighty God, the wrath of God will descend on the nation.

The Nimba County Senator also warned electorates to do away with aspirants he described as computerized degree hopefuls, who claim to be educated but in real life, their degrees are bought online.

He added that many Liberian aspirants, who come to the electioneering processes with four or five degrees are fake.  “In the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, you are my brothers and sisters, but if you are a member of the Masonic practice, then you’re neither brother nor sister because their practice is demonic, a home of homosexuality and lesbianism. Their brotherhood is the only brotherhood that is not of God Almighty. Liberia is not Sodom and Gomorrah where practice of homosexuality was normal. Liberia belongs to God and it is time for God-fearing person to take the helm of power,” said Senator Johnson, a former presidential candidate.

Last year, All Liberian Party Presidential hopeful Benoni Urey, a senior member of the Masonic fraternity urged Liberians to look up to Masons for a successor of outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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At a gathering of great fellows of the Masonic fraternity sometime last year, he said someone who has the Masonic qualities of caring, giving, loving and patriotism to nation should be Liberians’ next choice for President.

In Liberia, the organization is hated and accused by many of allegedly being responsible for ritualistic activities, immorality and other forms of indecencies. Contrary to these vilifying characterizations, young Liberians are obtaining its membership.

“Some of them bought those degrees online to fool our people during election period. Creating the belief that they are very educated but when you sit to discuss with them; you gather nothing from them. These kinds of people must be rejected at the poll. They don’t mean well for our country, they pretend to be millionaires but after election they run back to where they came from,” said the Field Marshall of the disbanded rebels Independent National Patriotic Front or INPFL.

Senator Johnson describes this year’s elections as crucial and delicate; urging all Liberians to take interest in ensuring the process is free, fair and transparent.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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