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PYJ promises job for defeated lawmaker

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia
Senator Prince Y. Johnson vows to provide job for defeated lawmaker Garrison Yealue, Jr. He told reporters that while Mr. Yealue might be frustrated by his defeat, he has a law degree which he can use to sustain himself and his family, adding, “Or I being his political god father and senior kinsman, I will help to rescue him by providing him a job.”

Senator Johnson continues, “There is no disunity in Nimba. When you hold election, someone must win.”  The Supreme Court of Liberia one 24January heard argument in the case, subsequently directing a re-examination of the original raw data sheet from the Kpaglay Polling Place #1, Precinct #33105 in Nimba as a means of verifying the numbers and determining if indeed, there was error in the transferring of the data by the NEC officer who did the entry.

The court mandated the National Elections Commission to ensure that this mandate is executed in the presence of the contesting parties, Garrison Yealue, Jr., and Gonpue L. Kargon.

The court also reversed the decision of the NEC Board of Commissioners when it ruled that its hearing officer did not violate the rights of Mr. Yealue.But while the process was on-going, Yealue, thru his legal team, filed a 13-count Bill of Information, contending violation of the high court’s mandate thereby abstaining from the exercise.

He concluded his bill with a four-count recommendation, calling for strict adherence to the conduct of the re-examination of the raw data inclusive of any and all records that form part of such raw data with the right to challenge, and have a resolution of the challenge before moving forward with the process.
He also contended that the result of the process be consistent with every other aspect of the court’s mandate issued on 14 February 2018.

Despite these contentions, the re-examination team commissioned by the National Elections Commission proceeded with the re-examination of the raw data, observing that the NEC staff, who did the entry of the data from the tally sheet increased Mr. Yealue’s total votes from three to 131, while Mr. Kargon’s was reduced from over 200 votes to a little over 130.

The committee found this action to be deliberate, so it recommended that the commission ensure an investigation and take punitive measure against anyone found liable.

Mr. Yealue has meanwhile appealed against the NEC Board of Commissioner’s ruling and promises to take the matter to the Supreme Court of Liberia.
Despite the reaffirmation of the commission’s decision, which for the second time declares Gonpue Kargon as winner of the Nimba County District #4 representative seat, his process remains on hold until the matter is heard by the Supreme Court.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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