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PYJ running mate to deal with ‘Zogoes’

The party secretary of Sen. Prince Yormie Johnson’s Movement for Development and Reconstruction (MDR) Mr. Wilfred Bangura says his political leader’s running mate Mrs. Audrian Smith Forbes will have the opportunity as vice president “to do what she did in New York to Zogoes in Liberia”.

Bangura told a local radio talk show on Thursday, 6 July that the “no nonsense woman” has been dealing with Zogoes or “at risk” youths and “it means that she is going to have the opportunity to do what she did in New York to Zogoes in Liberia”.

“These are disadvantaged youths, youths that are at risk and as a psychologist and a social worker she will be able to bring her discipline into bear to make sure that she cultivates an attitude of rehabilitation in them to have them reintegrated into society and reunited with the families”, he says.

Should the Johnson – Forbes ticket emerge victorious, Mr. Bangura says Liberia is going to have a vice president who will be very functional and alert with circumstances affecting certain segments of the population and begin to develop programs that will get young people off the street.

Following the naming of Mrs. Forbes by Johnson as his running mate on Wednesday, 5 July, Mr Bangura told Truth 96.1 Fm Thursday that Mrs. Forbes will continue to deal with Zogoes or at risk youths when elected vice president and she intends to put herself in a position to do more.

He claims that Mrs. Forbes is a no nonsense woman, tough and disciplinarian and one who has the pedigree to deliver in whatever service she finds herself. Despite several political arrangements abandoned by his political leader Sen. Johnson, Mr. Bangura insists that the objectives of the opposition political parties’ meeting called in Ganta, Nimba County has been achieved on grounds that there are collaborations among other parties.

He insists that the declaration is still in effect because it has given breath to the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change and the UPP Collaboration.“He is now going to go down in history”, Mr. Bangura says of Sen. Johnson, and argues further that for the first time, Mr. Johnson was able to summon more than 16 opposition political parties at one meeting that witnessed the historic Ganta Declaration.

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He concludes that since politics is not an event but a process, it is going to even manifest itself in more concrete terms in the next elections.“… And this will continue, in the next elections, we will have the political field being narrowed as a consequence of the Ganta Declaration”, he says.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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