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PYJ’s visit shocks Ganta

PYJs visitResidents of Ganta in Nimba County have expressed shock over a rather unusually quiet visit by Senator Prince Yormie Johnson to the votes-rich commercial city over the weekend with many describing the visit as shrouded in darkness.

Unlike in past visits when thousands of supporters and residents had lined up in the streets of Ganta to receive PYJ, dubbed as the “godfather” of Nimbaian politics, the Senator paid a low-key visit there during the weekend in a two-car convoy, leaving many including his supporters caught unaware and dumfounded.

Residents in amazement told The NewDawn Nimba Correspondent that Senator Johnson in the past had entered Ganta City like Jesus’ triumphant entry in Jerusalem, according to the Holy Bible. They narrated the senator drove thru Ganta in his two-car convoy without making a stop and headed for his project site along the Ganta-Saclepea highway in Nimba.

My man, are you sure the “god-father” is in town? Why are we not aware”, one staunch PYJ supporter asked. According to them, since the end of elections, Senator Johnson has done nothing in the county they could boast of.

“This man fooled us; he told us that when elected, he would have brought equal justice, development and job opportunities for us, but his entire platform is a fake”; Jackson Paye, a Ganta resident expressed. This paper gathered that this is Senator Johnson’s first visit home that has sparked controversy, even among his supporters.

However, others said the senator deserves some private time to himself away from his supporters, arguing that not every visit he pays to Ganta should be politicized. On the other hand, some residents said in previous visits to Ganta, they had gone to await PYJ as far as the St. Paul River between Nimba and Bong with huge supporters, including motor cyclists to escort him into the county.

Senator Johnson has confirmed the visit, saying it was unannounced and totally private as he had gone to Nimba purposely to inspect his projects in the county. “This is my own county; not all of the time I will come with crowd behind me”, he added.

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According to him, he entered Ganta City in a brand new jeep that was unrecognizable by residents.“Not all of the time I will inform Namibians about my coming.” He said his impromptu visit was intended to inspect an ongoing school project in Ganta.

“Is this how you people can do your politics?I am a resident of Ganta; so anytime I’m coming, people should come on the road to await me? Is that how your can do your politics?Because they want to say Alex (Speaker Alex Tyler) came to Nimba and people turned out in their numbers so they want to compare his visit with mine. I am living here and undertaking a project. I came unknown to them; nobody knew I was here”, said PYJ, the man who is occupying the senior senatorial post of Nimba for two nine years terms.

By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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