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PYJ targets coup plotters

The deposed leader of the opposition party National Union for Democratic Progress or NUDP Sen. Prince Y. Johnson has vowed to remove all those who plotted against him from office by making sure they are not re-elected come 2017.

Senator Johnson disclosed that he is forming a new party that is in its growing stage at the National Elections Commission that will feature candidates against current lawmakers from Nimba, especially those lawmakers who were part of the plot in the NUDP to unseat them for their dishonesty and disobedience against him.

He said many of the Nimba Lawmakers are not effective, and do not have love for the county, adding that they only care for themselves, leaving out those who stood with them during the tough campaign days.

He described lawmakers, who led the campaign against him that subsequently led to his resignation from the NUDP as devils and that the 2017 elections will be the right time to teach them a lesson they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Sen. Johnson said his new party will be robust on issues aimed at moving the county and the country at large ahead without compromise.

The NUDP, led by Chairman Gbawou Kowou, said at the time that Johnson was expelled from the party for making “unilateral commitment.” Kowou argued that political party (s) here should not center on individual or personality, but be an independent movement that can make unanimous decision on national issues.

“They thought that by fighting me in my own party that I formed with my money was the end to my political life; thank God; I am a child of God and the blessing of God Almighty is always upon me. It is time now to take them from office because our new party will feature candidates against them and many of them will not come to the Capitol Building as lawmakers but, instead as visitors and mere staffers,” PYJ vows.

He said the attitude of kinsmen, many of whom he made politically, will not go unpunished, and the punishment is to put people that will unseat them at the poll, noting that current lawmakers are in the know of his political weight especially, in Nimba County.

When asked about his dream for 2017, Sen. Johnson said he will be a candidate for the presidency and nothing can stop him for becoming a productive president of Liberia. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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