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PYJ threatens revenge in Nimba

By Thomas Domah, Nimba County

Senator Prince Johnson, who is seeking a third term in the Senate, has threatened to pursue those who recently attacked his vehicle while on a campaign trail in Gbor Wehplay Town, electoral district#4, Nimba County, including the district lawmaker Representative Gunpue L. Kargon.

Rep. Kargon is a former member of Senator Johnson’s MDR party who joined the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change after his expulsion.

The senator alleges that those who attacked and destroyed his vehicle were supporters of Representative Gunpue Kargon, but such claim is yet to be independently verified.

However, in a recorded cellphone call to Representative Kargon that has been circulating on social media, PYJ is heard threatening to go after the lawmaker, whom he accused to had attended a meeting that led to the recent attack on his vehicle.

“Gunpue Kargon, you were in a meeting; someone from the meeting is here with me; I know your plans, and I saw it today”, Sen. Johnson added.

In the cell phone call, the senator openly threatened to pay people to go after Kargon.

The self-proclaim political godfather of Nimba didn’t explain in detail how he would execute his plot against the lawmaker.

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But on a community radio station in Ganta, Nimba County callers described Senator Johnson’s threat statement as bad and not intended to unite the people of Nimba.

The vehicle destroyed was the last to leave the town, carrying children of Senator Johnson. Following the attacks, one of the children rushed to the senator and informed him of the violence allegedly by the youth of Gbor Wehplay Town. No casualty was reported. 

The incident occurred when Senator Johnson accompanied the vice standard bearer of the Unity Party, Senator Jeremiah Koung, on a campaign trail to the county.

Sen. Koung is standard bearer of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) is in a political marriage with UP Presidential Candidate, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Senator Johnson is on record of saying former Senator Thomas Grupee and others tried him and they died in the process. The former senator is reportedly confined in a wheelchair; he is not dead.

The threat by PYJ has led to debate in the county with citizens demanding retraction.

According to them, a leader should never speak in such manner, rather calling on the senator to pursue the path of peace and unity instead of preaching divisive politics. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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