“I’ve No Enemy” – Rev. Kennedy

An American based Liberian wanting to vie Liberia’s Presidency, Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy who is widely called ‘The Messiah’ by supporters here, has told his sympathizers in Liberia that he has no enemy in the country because he did not fight or support the country’s decade long civil crisis which he claimed lost 300,000 lives.

Rev. Kennedy who was reportedly petitioned in absentia prior to his coming to Liberia for this official program, said the decade long civil crisis in Liberia has incapacitated the youth of Liberia and lost 300,000 lives; thus leading him to disclose his plan of what he called ‘a great memorial service’ for every Liberian who was killed during the civil crisis.

“I did not support your war; likewise I have no enemy in this Country… To reiterate, I have come this day to wipe away tears from Liberians. In America, in the United States…brothers and sisters I want to say few things before you today… civil crisis has incapacitated our nation’s infrastructure, as we all know; I’m planning a great memorial service for every Liberian that die of the civil crisis. It will be announced to you as soon as possible.” 

Speaking to the crowd, Rev. Kennedy told his supporters that he has come to Liberia to deliver Liberians from poverty to prosperity; to wipe away tears from Liberians; to eliminate poverty in Liberia and to visit every community, Town and quarter in the Republic in order to meet and discuss with the people, those issues affecting them and their way out.

He however disassociated himself from all atrocities committed here, adding that he did not support the Liberian people’s war; neither did he fight in the war as others did.

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