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QNET denies involvement in trafficking

QNET Limited, an international e-company involves in multi-level marketing with operations here, denies report of its alleged involvement in trafficking of some foreign nationalsto Liberia, for job offers. “We outrightly deny this allegation and aver that we are in no manner connected to this.”

In a press release, QNET vigorously condemns any activity by its Independent Representatives (IRs) in Liberia that is not in compliance with local laws and regulations, saying, “We also do not condone unprofessional marketing acts and if any IR is found culpable, they are liable to be terminated from selling the company’s products.”

The release, issued by Regional General Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Biram Fall, discloses that QNET recently terminated over 400 IRs across the world for policy violations and professional misconducts.

It vows to take every action to work with Liberian authorities to bring to justice perpetrators of human-trafficking, if the crime has been committed under its brand name.

“We also invite the authorities to directly liaise with us to ensure that at all times, full and appropriate actions and measures can be taken together. QNET strongly believes in joint cooperation as it will critically assist in bringing the wrong doers to justice in Liberia.”
The release further clarifies that as a Direct Selling company, with a 22-year history, QNET is not an employment agency neither does it offer job promises.

A daily in Monrovia reported Tuesday, July 21, that Qnet International has been bringing children and other young adults to Liberia from Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Mali for employment scholarship, and travel opportunities.Press Release

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