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“We’re not Against Five for Five”

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Ministry of Commerce has clarified that its recent action to close business institutions is not because these business houses are involved in the sale of five for five beer or stout.

The deputy Minister for trade and Industry at the Commerce Ministry Mr. Charles Nelson said the ministry’s action is based on reports received, which reports stipulate that these businesses were selling alcohol to little children.

The Liberian government through the Civil Court recently shutdown at least 51 drinking spots qualified as ‘notorious’ by the government. This action was taken before the celebrations of Christmas and New Year Day.

The mandate which was strictly implemented by Justice and Commerce Ministries, flanked by officers of the court, is intended to chastise business entities that violated the Commerce Ministry’s regulations by selling alcoholic beverages to children. Sais spots are also accused of condoning uncontrollable behaviors displayed by their customers.

Acting Deputy Minister for Commerce and Industry, Charles Nelson, said that the Liberian government remains robust in defending its citizens against bad hobbits. Mr. Nelson said government will not allow the lives or future of young people to be destroyed in the name of selling alcohol to children.

Acting Minister Nelson mentioned that among the 51 businesses that were closed by government, the Exodus entertainment center was one of the popular business entities that disobeyed government’s order.

He said the business house after noticing their wrong doing, apologized to the ministry. He reiterated that the exercise is not for national holidays “but a process that the ministry will continue.”

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