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Rape convict admits murder

A convicted rapist has been sentenced to life imprisonment by a court in Fish Town, River Gee County after pleading guilty for murdering a business woman , having broken jail twice to abscond his jail term for rape.

River Gee County Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh said convict Benedict Dweh was earlier indicted for statutory rape and got convicted of the crime in 2014 before he broke jail twice in Fish Town. After breaking jail in Fish Town, Attorney Wesseh told the NewDawn this week that the convict fled to Grand Kru County and bought a single barrel gun that he used  for hunting around the Fish Town forests.

Around 12 noon on Thursday, April 2, 2015, Attorney Wesseh said, convict Dweh chased and murdered victim Patience Doe who was thought to be the convict’s business partner on the Jibloken-Fish Town highway, shooting her death instantly.

But convict Dweh was re-arrested after four days of man-hunt was launched against him before he surfaced in the Sarbo Sweken Forest on the Fish Town –Harper highway, the County Attorney said. For the second time, convict Dweh was indicted during the May Term of Court –  this time for murdering victim Patience Doe, and pleaded guilty to the indictment during the August Term of Court, according to Attorney Wesseh.

The County Attorney added that a lady who had gone fishing spotted the killer with a gun, and subsequently ran to Sarbo Sweken and reported. Upon reporting to the town people, the killer got immediately arrested, brought to town and identified as the man who killed Patience Doe, the Attorney added. Resident Circuit Court Judge George W. Smith sentenced the 39 year-old murder convict to life imprisonment after several plea-bargaining. The defendant has already been taken to the Zwedru Correction Palace where he will serve his sentence.

By Winston W. Parley – Edited by George Barpeen

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