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Rather vote for opposition

Despite government closure of his media institution for tax evasion, Liberian presidential hopeful Benoni Urey is busy across the country, urging electorates to rather elect any candidate from the opposition if not him, than the governing Unity Party now headed by Vice President Joseph Boikai as standard bearer.

Mr. Urey, who believes the current administration led by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has failed Liberians, stressed that it is better the electorates shine their eyes and elect him or any member of the opposition, but anyone associated with the current leadership of the country.

He spoke to hundreds of citizens in Sannoyea District, Bong County recently during a petitioning program. “…I have come to tell you also, even if you don’t want to vote for me; don’t vote for anybody in this government or anybody associated with this government. And I repeat myself, even if you don’t want to vote for me, for the sake of your people; don’t vote for anybody in this government or anybody associated with this government. You will just be causing harm to us”, Mr. Urey told citizens of Bong.

He said the current Liberian leadership needs to be completely changed because it has failed to meet the expectations of citizens.  Referencing the Ebola era in Liberia, he said the government didn’t even have two ambulances and other safety materials to fight the deadly virus.

The APL political leader maintained that if any Liberian voted for the UP in 2017, the sufferings of the rest of the people will be blamed on such person. He lamented the least mistake to elect UP will mean another 12 years of total suffering and cries in the country, cautioning voters not to elect for anybody, who does not have investments in Liberia.

According to Urey, several officials of government have their wives and children in the United States and other places where they usually fly during upheavals, leaving their fellow compatriots in the heat. “They have their wives and children in America enjoying; they put their tails between their legs and run like dogs”, he asserted.

Mr. Urey earlier served in the current administration as Mayor of Caresyburg City, his official home, but fell out with the government and has since become a bitter enemy of President Sirleaf, who lobbied for the removal of his name from UN Security Council’s sanction list.

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By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr in Margibi -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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