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RDC splits on June 7th protest

One of Liberia’s dozens political parties, Redemption Democratic Congress, (RDC) seems to be divided on “June 7th Save the State” protest in Monrovia this Friday, with its National Chairman, Rev. Victor Saylee, declaring public support for the protest.
The RDC headed by former interim Speaker George Dweh, is one of the registered parties that participated in the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.
However, Mr. Dweh vehemently opposes the planned protest, contrary to his national chairman.

Chairman Saylee declares his support in an interview with reporters here, calling on the Government of Liberia to constructively engage protesters that will eventually serve the best interest of the State.

“Let it be noted herein that the press statement unilaterally signed by RDC political leader George S. Dweh, Sr., is a gross violation of Chapter 5, Article 7, Section (49) 1, 2 &5”, he says.

He says the party is not unaware of avoidable mistakes, insensitivity, and financial malpractices of the Coalition for Democratic Change-led government, leading to mass suffering of Liberians.

He continues that on the other hand, it is also very difficult to justify excesses of past Liberian governments that bear equal responsibility for the corruption, exploitation, oppression, and abuse of the country’s growing democracy.

“Obviously, these abuses have set into motion the continuous governance and leadership crises in Liberia; the past leaders of Liberia cannot be excused from the problems of today, because the bad developments of today are a byproduct of misrule in the past”, he adds.

However, he admonishes all well-meaning Liberians and international partners to be guided against opportunism or entitlement mentality, saying, “At this critical juncture, Liberians need to be reminded that the ability to oppose government does not necessarily translate into the capacity for effective and efficient administration of government.”

Rev. Saylee at the same time distances the RDC from a press statement issued at the headquarters of the Liberia National Union of LINU, which alleged that the party (RDC) has asked its members across the country to stay away from the June 7 protest.

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He says at no time did any member of the party sign any document, press statement, memorandum of understanding or any instrument that binds it to any agreement or disenfranchises its members from exercising their constitutional right.
Twelve (12) political parties in a joint statement read Friday, May 31, in Monrovia, said the planned protest this week will create more harm than good.

Reading the statement signed by chairpersons and vice standard bearers, including Alexander Dopoh, vice standard bearer of ALP, Thomas Q. Harris, of the United People’s Party, Mr. Nathaniel Blama of LINU, and other stalwarts of various political parties, Mr. Aaron Wesseh of the LINU notes that Liberia has gone through numerous demonstrations and protects to ensure that political and public policies are transformed to meet the desires of the Liberian people.

Similarly, All Liberian Party political leader businessman Benoni Urey excepts to reported expression of opposition by his former vice standard bearer, Alexander Dopoh for the pending protests, calling for dialogue and roundtable discussion with Government of Liberia, instead.

When contacted via mobile phone, Mr. Urey says Mr. Dopoh has since been expelled from the All Liberian Party, and that his pronouncement is “worthless and useless.” Editing by Jonathan Browne

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