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Re-enforce Transportation Restriction to help against Ebola resurgence

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Despite ongoing efforts against the resurging deadly Ebola virus, the numbers of cases keep increasing gradually.

An update released by Health Ministry authorities in Monrovia put the number of cases at six – two deaths and four confirmed cases.


The latest victim, as reported by the Health Ministry, was a female resident of Weaver Street (referred to as AB Tolbert Road by authorities of the ministry) in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia.


The cases are all attributed to the recent resurgence of the disease resulting to the death of a 17-year boy reported to have been infected by a “dead dog” he and others ate in the Town of Nedowein near ‘Smell-No-Taste’ in Margigiibi County.


This update in the City of Paynesville may by now just be enough for shocking fears among the population of Montserrado County, considering the various interactions the source of such case and those with whom she may have interacted in the neighborhood and Paynesville at large.


Interestingly, amid this disturbing news of Ebola in Montserrado County again, adherence to preventive measures prescribed by the Government of Liberia through Ministry of Health and partners appears to be very discouraging.

And considering the fact that Ebola is very active during the rainy season, the need for increased public awareness on radio and TV, as well as and community sensitization using the community-based approach, must be at the core of such exercise as a way of further containing the spread of the disease.

Moreover, other stringent preventive measures against the spread of the virus previously enforced by the government must also be re-instituted through the Liberia national Police and other security apparatus.
At the moment, commercial drivers, most especially those in charge of taxi cabs, are still carrying six passengers – two in the passenger seat and four at the back when the restriction to take three at the back and one in the passenger seat remains enforced.

It would augur well for the ongoing efforts against the spread of the disease if a public declaration is made by the Government of Liberia, through the Police, Information Ministry or whatsoever, as was done during the first Ebola outbreak, for three passengers at the back and one in the bucket seat of a cab as part of safety and preventive measures.

Such action by the government must also ensure that commercial drivers who are criminal-minded do not use the current situation to exploit or steal from passengers as they are currently doing.

It is generally believed such immediate undertaking, as well as a vigorous public awareness on radio and TV and community sensitization would, to a greater extent, help tremendously in preventing the spread of the disease in the shortest possible time.

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