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Readiness High in AFL

Liberia Defense Minister Brownie Samukai has described as up-town high the operation readiness of the Arm forces of Liberia. According to Minister Samukai, the AFL is in full readiness to take over from UNMIL come June 30 of this year.

He assured the nation and its people that the AFL, along with other security agencies in the country were ready for any eventuality after UNMIL. He said the government has engaged other countries, including neighboring La Cote d’Ivoire, to strengthen bilateral relations centered on cross-border training.

Minister Samukai made the disclosure yesterday, February 11, 2016 at the program marking the 59th celebration of the Armed Forces Day, held under the theme: “Operation Other than War in Post-UNMIL Transition” at the Barclay Training Center or BTC in Monrovia.

Minister Samukai further noted: “We are in the planning stage to engage neighboring country la Cote d’Ivoire to create concert of operations for the two countries to conduct confidence military operations along their border areas of the Cavalla River, as well as other areas of interest along our borders,” he said.

According to him, the operations will minimize suspicions, strengthen confidence between the two countries and enhance national security interest. “Since the deployment of our troops to the UN Mission in Mali in June of 2013, our troops continue to make us proud in the execution of their duties; the recent deployment of the troops to Timbuku in Mali saw for the first time a direct attack in their areas of responsibilities. However, because of the benefit of the extensive training over the years, they were able to execute the attacks,” he said.

He also indicated that cooperation and coordination between and among agencies of the national security apparatus and the Armed Forces of Liberia were in continuation. “Quite recently, we conducted a training which involved the Liberia National Police, Bureau of Immigration, National Fire Service, as well as other security agencies. We demonstrated our ability to coordinate our activities and work together,” Minister Samukai said, pointing out that the AFL was pleased to note that the coordination between the police and military will further enhance the confidence needed in the security apparatus as UNMIL draws down from Liberia in June of this year.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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