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Red Cross donates food to disabled couple

A vulnerable couple has received some of their needs when the Liberian Red Cross presented two bags of 25kg rice and two mattresses donated by an honorary member of the Red Cross, Rohit Suji, who is also the president of the Association of the Indian Community in Liberia.

In a press release issued in Monrovia, the Liberian Red Cross explained it made the donation Saturday, 9 January for John Mulbah and Patience Kollie, a vulnerable couple living in Gbarnga, Bong County.

According to the release, the couple is facing the regretful side of life as they barely get daily meals to eat because of their disabilities. Johnson is visually impaired and feeds his family on digging and selling sand from a river, while Patience is paralyzed from her second child delivery operation at one of the hospitals in Gbarnga.

“Life is not easy on us. Things often become more difficult when the sand I dig from the river is not being bought on time by customers so that we can buy food,” John lamented.

John’s condition is tear-dropping, as he uses his imagination, hands and feet to feel objects beneath the river, while he digs the sand for sale.

“I sell a pile of the sand for seven hundred ($700) Liberian dollars, but getting it from the river to the shore is a challenging process for me,” he explained to the Red Cross team.

John is the father of three children, which means he faces some high level of stress and suffering to get daily bread for his family to survive.

He was not born visually impaired. According to John, he got blind on 28 July 2005 after he and his friends swam in a stream in Bong County. He wished that his sight could be restored someday.

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During the presentation, the National Society expressed solidarity and demonstrated humanity in presenting the food and non-food items to the vulnerable family.

Mr. Suji’s quick intervention was intended to identify with the disabled couple to offer support and bring hope to them in the midst of their distress.

For Patience, John’s fiancée, life is extremely boring, as she is not able to move about to fetch food or do any other tangible thing. Patience’s two legs are paralyzed and becoming smaller with her toes sticking tightly together.

Patience is breast-feeding her third child, but she looks poor in health owing to the lack of food and medication, a situation compounded by no good sleeping place for them.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Red Cross, as a premiere humanitarian institution in the country,has indicated that while there is no major disaster and other emergencies at the moment, there are increasingly compelling humanitarian needs on the ground that demand urgent support.

Better livelihood, improved access to safe-drinking water, adequate food and better healthcare for vulnerable people are needs that cannot be ignored, it stated.

The Liberian Red Cross is not only providing relief assistance to people living with vulnerabilities, including various disabilities, but is also building their resilience and restoring hope to ensure a better living condition.

It is also currently financially challenged, and is therefore calling for increasing support from everyone, including the government, corporate institutions and donor partners, to enable it to address the needs of the most vulnerable people in the communities.

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