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Red Cross Launches Health Disaster Project

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The Liberia National Red Cross Society has launched phase one of its Community Based Health and disaster management project. The project is focused on assisting vulnerable communities in the area of health and how they can manage disasters in their areas.

The project is expected to be implemented in thirty communities in Zogei and Yarwenmansulon Districts in Nimba County, Jorquelleh and Kpaai Districts in Bong County.

At the launching exercise over the weekend, Liberia National Red Cross Project Coordinator, Mr. Fayiah Tamba said his institution has been soliciting the necessary funding to assist needed communities.

He pointed out that they are hopping at the conclusion of the project, community members will be able to take their health in their own hands and put in place their own disaster management programs.

He said the LNRCS with limited capacity is ensuring that it delivers services to the Liberian people especially as they are working to achieve the Millennium Development Goal as the issue of quality health care delivery remains a major concern. Mr. Tamba said the Community   Based Health and Disaster Management Project will take the issue of water and sanitation very seriously.

“At the end of the project we hope members of the targeted will have had access to improved water sources and know how to improve their personal hygiene” the Red Cross Project Coordinator added.

The cost of the project is in the tune of more than one Million United States Dollars and is expected to affect about forty thousand lives in the selected thirty communities in the two counties. The project is being supported by the Danish government through the Danish Red Cross Society, and is expected to last for the period of four years.

Representing the Donor Agency, a staff of the Danish Red Cross said they were glad working with the LNRCS to work toward improving the lives of ordinary citizens. Madam Kirsden Anderson reminded the Liberia Red Cross family that four years was not long, urging them to properly work in the interest of the communities earmarked for implementation.

Bong County Superintendent Special assistant who represented his boss at the launch called on the organization to help with the rehabilitation of several damaged hand pumps in especially Gbarnga City.

Thomas Ketter said some communities have existing structures, but are damaged stressing the need for rejuvenation of the facilities. He believes water and sanitation is a very serious issue to be addressed.

“We are not to be discussing about proper water sources for our people, we should have graduated from this stage ever since and be thinking about something different, but all of these things are due to the war” he stated.

He said there are some countries that have nothing to discuss about water because they have already done their work in that direction and said Liberia will one day get there.

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