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Red Cross wants urgent action against drugs abuse

The Liberia National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) is calling for urgent and actionable steps to address the widespread consumption of dangerous substances among young people in the country. 

The Red Cross, via a press release, wants government to put in place stronger measures to combat illicit drug trafficking and prevent the proliferation of dangerous substances in the country, saying “We want urgent and actionable steps taken to address the impact of drug abuse and rebuild the Future of Young People”. 

“The devastating impact of illicit drugs not only affects individuals but also poses significant social and economic challenges to our communities and nation as a whole”, says LNRCS Manager for Resource Mobilization and Asset, William Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery spoke when he proxied for the LNRCS Secretary-General on Monday, June 26, 2023, during celebration of World Drugs Day in Monrovia.

Under the global theme, “People First, stop stigma and Discrimination and strengthen prevention,” the LNRCS, in collaboration with the Lion Club of Liberia, Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, and Lion International, joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Day. 

“We stand united in our mission to save the future of our young people and rebuild their minds to create a generation of productive citizens who will support the development and well-being of our great nation,” Mr. Montgomery said. 

He noted that the consumption of dangerous substances among the youth has far-reaching consequences, leading to mental health problems and contributing to social issues within the communities.

“It is imperative that we prioritize the well-being and livelihoods of our young population, as they are the potential future leaders of Liberia. By investing in their counseling, capacity building, and rehabilitation, we can reduce crime rates, alleviate the economic burden on the state, and create a society that fosters resilience and prosperity”, he emphasized. 

The Liberian Red Cross has a broader mandate beyond responding to humanitarian crises, and striving also to address social contextual issues that impact communities.

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“Today, as we come together to mark World Drugs Day, we call upon our national government to take decisive action. We urge the authorities to prioritize the allocation of resources for counseling programs, capacity-building initiatives, and comprehensive prevention strategies that will protect our young people from the dangers of illicit drugs”. 

Meanwhile, the Red Cross has thanked the Lion Club of Liberia, Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, and Lion International for their collaborative efforts in commemorating the Day.

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