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Letter to my Compatriots

Ref.: Real Story Behind “Youth” Agitation in Monrovia

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Dear Fellow Compatriots:

Imagine the inherent humanity, nobility, and win-win benefits of the Liberian government’s decision to provide jobs for school-going young people with the promise to pay them in time to enable them earn “Christmas money”!


Imagine the city of Monrovia being cleaned and made ready for Christmas and New Year’s festivities! Cleanliness, I am told, is next to Godliness. Cleaning Monrovia was therefore altogether appropriate and consistent with the spirit of the Holy Season of Christmas.

Imagine however that the planning processes surrounding the hiring of student vacation workers and the arrangements of when, where, and how to compensate them may not have gone according to plan – and the best intentions and expectations of the President and the responsible Authority (ies) are not realized in a timely manner!

Imagine the unanticipated delays in disbursement of the promised stipends to students! Imagine if bona fide vacation student workers had become impatient and anxious!

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