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The principle of continues improvement requires that you reinvent yourself. Life is not static but always moving forward, therefore to stay ahead you must reinvent yourself. To remain on one level for too long is to retrogress and retrogression often leads to failure and poverty. Great leaders always reinvent themselves, and strive to become better and achieve more.

The difference between developed nations and third world nations is that developed nations are always developing new ideas, making new laws, inventing new technologies, and reinventing to become better. While third world countries are mostly satisfied with their level of development, they would rather complain than take actions and make right decisions that would produce their desired results.

The key to success in life and leadership is reinventing yourself, by presenting yourself in a new form or with a new image. Companies that have survived for many generations are those that are always reinventing. You will soon become obsolete and run out of business, if your customers cannot see improvements in your products or services. What keeps you ahead of competition and guarantees success in business is always finding ways to do things better. It becomes a problem when we become comfortable with our level of development without dreaming of improvement in what we do. The reason a lot of people are bored with their job is because they do the same thing the same way without any creative impute or insight on how to make it better.

Time changes, so do people. As people change so do their taste for fashion, goods or services. You would be out of business today, if all you know how to use is the old type writer without being computer literate. I once heard of a motor mechanic who was a specialist in repairing an old brand of car. His colleagues began to learn to repair modern cars but he refused to learn something new. Soon that vehicle manufacturer was bankrupt, and his factory was closed. People with the old brand could no longer find spear parts to repair their vehicles, so they abandoned it and bought new model. His colleagues were still in business but his own shop was closed because he refused to reinvent himself, no one brought in the old model that he could repair any longer.

Reinventing yourself is the key to personal success. If you speak today like you spoke ten years ago then something is wrong. Many times I hear people say they admire great speakers, their power of oratory, confidence, body language and great interpersonal skills but most of these people were not born like that. They learned to talk, walk and do things in a more civilized way. It has nothing to do with where you were born, with a silver spoon or not, but what you choose to become. I personally know people who attended public schools yet they are more successful academically than those who attended expensive schools private because they reinvented themselves.

As a leader I always advised people to dress the way they want to be addressed. Dress like where you are going to, not what you are going through. When frustration becomes evident in your life and you are contented with failure then you will truly fail. Many people lose job opportunities not because they are not qualified but because of how they dress. You may not have a second opportunity to make the first impression so dress well or change the way you dress. It is better to over dress than to undress to an event or interview. A young man was sent out of on interview ground despite his qualification because he was dressed in jeans and T-shirt to a job interview in a bank.

Planning is another way to reinvent yourself. Leaders or businesses fail when they refuse to plan. Like a wise man once said, refusing to plan is planning to fail. Never go to bed without having a plan for the next day. Planning is essential to life and success, a life that refuses to plan will always live in pain and experience failure. When you learn the discipline of planning, you will become organized. Being organized attracts respect, and shows that you can be trusted with time and resources.

If you have a habit of lateness it’s time to make a change. Reinvent yourself today, build up a daily “to do list,” and consciously follow your plans or activities for the day. Set alarms or reminder on your phone to remind you of a meeting or event ahead of time so that you can prepare. Make a decision to always become better at what you do. This is what it means to reinvent yourself, so you can always enjoy success in all you do.

Ezekiel Moses is a Writer, Consultant, Creative Artist, Broadcaster and Blogger. He is a sought after motivational speaker who has impacted many people, young and old over the years. He is a Branding, Marketing and Adverts specialist and Best Seller Author. For further enquires please call: 231 7755 97336, E-mail:

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