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Rejoinder to PYJ: “We Spoiled It, We’ll Fix It”

(The “Spoiler” is not the “Fixer”, and the “Fixer” is not the “Spoiler”)

You will observe that, “Fix” and “Spoil” are like “Light” and “Darkness”. The presence of one is the absence of the other. (Before) one can be present, the other has to be absent; and it is a clear indication of distinction; meaning, there are “two” distinct characters involved: “The spoiler and The Fixer”. Therefore, the spoiler cannot be the fixer; because, “one” cannot be “two”

The New Dawn-Tuesday, November 9, 2010 publication-caption: PYJ “We Spoiled It, We’ll Fix It”, the political leader of the NUDP, Prince Johnson, says he should be given the chance to “fix” what he “spoiled”. But how can this be? He did not fix what he spoiled, how can he fix it, when he has no idea of how it was fixed? Had he been the one who fixed it, when he spoiled it, then he can fix it again. Since those who fixed it are distinct, as he who spoiled it is distinct, let it be fixed by the fixers. Only a fixer can fix; and only as spoiler can spoil.

The Senator says, “Since 1847, the leadership style has been controlling Liberian people from a remote controlled Executive Manson; and that, it is now time to break that control, to give power back to the people.

Let the Senator be informed that, the “Executive Manson” remote control is the result of how the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia has the governing power structured among the governing institutions of the state. To break this control, it is the National Legislature (of which he is a part) that has the constitutional responsibility to do so. The Executive does not have the constitutional power to do so. (It can only propose…)

If, while at the Legislature, the senator cannot influence his colleagues to legislate the breaking of the Executive Control he is speaking of, under no condition will the senator be able to break this control, if he goes to the Executive Mansion. The system of government in Liberia done not work that way.  The Executive enfaces law. If there is no law, what will the Executive enforce?

The senator says he is confident that Liberians will do for him, what they did for President Charles Taylor and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. “You did it for Taylor, you did it for Ellen, and I know you will do it for me too.”

Is Senator Prince Johnson telling the Liberian people that the “Presidency” of the Republic of Liberia is a “trophy” or “pay” for those who brought “war” on us? Since Charles Taylor got the trophy, Ellen Sirleaf is getting hers; it’s his time to get the trophy too?

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Please, Senator Johnson, except you are telling us, the Liberian people, that the “civil war” was something we deserved. But why do you think the Liberian people deserved to be killed, as they were, and destroyed, as they have been by warlords? Are you saying, the “civil war” is the best thing that has happened in our country’s history?

Yes, Senator Johnson, the “era”  of the civil war may be the darkest days in the history of our country, (for which we are being mocked-since Taylor became president, Ellen became, it should now be yours); but we, the people of the Republic of Liberia, are going to write this “era” as the best chapter in the history of our country; because, factors which led to this will be corrected (and we know, it is how the 1986 Constitution has structured power among the governing institution of our state).

The 1997 slogan: “you killed my ma, you killed ma pa, I’ll vote for you”, did hold; but, the 2005 slogan: “you know book, you na know book, I’ll vote for you”, did not hold; because, the Liberian people can not be fooled twice. And believe me, they shall not be fooled again by any one.

How does the Senator intent to use the “Sward” (by his “federal leadership skills”) for “economic liberation of the people of Liberia? According to him, he used the “Sward” to liberate Liberians, (I guess, from political slavery, or social slavery, or both) and should have the time to do the “economic liberation” also (since we are under economic slavery).

It is indeed a very good idea for all the 15 counties to control the resources they have, through the local government, as opposed to a unitary government; but, this idea can only be concretized if it is a law. The senator can use his influence in the National Legislature (where laws are made) to make his colleagues to sign up (2/3) with this proposal.

We all know, it is “law makers” who “make law”. If Senator Prince Johnson can not ensure that his idea becomes law (that the counties control their own resources through their local government), how does he intent to “enforce” such regulation, if he is president? Is he suggesting that he will be dictatorial? How does he intent this to happen when it is not the law? Will he decree it? It (just) does not work this way in democratic governance. No matter how appealing the idea is, it must be constitutional (Law) to be enforced. Your resolved for such idea is unique as a senator.

Senator Johnson, the idea is good. But you have the best opportunity and you are very well placed (as a lawmaker) to see to it that the 15 counties control their own resources they have through the local government. It can only be a law before any president can enforce it.

We, the Movement for Constitutional Reform in Liberia, (a citizen initiative group), have embarked on the citizens approach to propose amendment of some provisions in the 1986 Constitution. We want those proposed provisions for amendments be made in a “Constitutional Convention”.

We believe, this forum, “convention” on the constitution, will bring us, the Liberian people together in our propositional representation from each district of our county to look at our Law (the Constitution), discuss the provisions and agree on changes. Not only will we be reconciled, but everything will no more be just Mansion; but the Capitol Building and the Temple of Justice.

Our authority is Article 91(the citizens’ approach). We will be submitting to the legislature, and we think, Senator Johnson can be strong on this so that his idea can be made constitutional.    
By Augustus D. Jones
Cell: 06-824-636 /05-226-518 /077-291-528
Email: gstsjns@yahoo.com

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