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Remember the peace

River Gee Senator Conmany B. Wesseh is urging Liberians to remember the peace as they observe the 13th anniversary of the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement on August 18, 2003 in Accra, Ghana.

He recalls that on August 18, 2003, leaders of Liberian political parties, civil society, warring factions and other relevant bodies signed the comprehensive peace agreement to end fourteen years of civil war that was ignited on December 24, 1989.

Speaking in an interview with reporters on Thursday, 17 August at his Capitol Building office, Senator Wesseh stresses the importance of remembering the day, noting that it was on that day that Liberian leaders made a strong pledge to end the armed violence, which for 14 years led to the death of about 250,000 people, displaced more than 1million internally and externally, devastated families and communities, destroyed the economic and other infrastructure, and reduced Liberia to a failed state.

He says on the day of the CPA, Liberians made a promise, never to go to war with themselves anymore, but to rebuild, reform and create governing institutions such as the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary that would maintain enduring peace in the country.

He continues that the various parties also vowed to restore hope to the children and youth of Liberia that there is a future to live for, while promising to fully commit themselves to peace, social economic progress, democracy, integrity and above all, love for country.

By Bridgett Milton

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