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Rennie: Weah has no blood on his hand

By Kruah Thompson

The Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Ledgerhood J. Rennie says President George Manneh Weah has no blood on his hands, urging those accusing him of ritualistic killings to stop.

Speaking over the weekend at the Ministry of Information, Minister Rennie said if the opposition doesn’t like the politics of the president they shouldn’t pint him as a ritualistic killer.

“He cannot even hurt a fly because he’s the man of peace,” Rennie said, adding that President Weah is not a killer.

Rennie’s comments come in the wake of a blame game between the opposition and the government over recent reported mysterious deaths in the country.

The police here alleged that the opposition was spreading fake news, using the alleged ritualistic killings to damage the image of the government, while the opposition on the other hand continue to question the government over its alleged failure to provide security for the citizenry.

According to the Minister Rennie, those who are making these allegations know the people that are responsible for bloodshed in the country.

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In retrospect, Minister Rennin explained how President Weah contributed his services during the regime of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by working as a Peace Ambassador, a post which, according to him, was well served by the current president.

Rennie explained that President Weah came home during Liberia’s civil war to help the international community disarm his young brothers and sisters and to work for peace in the country. “So y’all stop demonizing him, y’all stop demonizing the country,” Rennie added.

The Information Minister noted that the politics of demonization is the reason why Liberia’s progress has been retarded for years.

He cautioned Liberians to desist from spewing misinformation and negative propaganda against the Weah-led government.

He rallied Liberians to rise above the fray and denounce acts mainly being carried on by members of the opposition to paint an image to the outside world that Liberia is a fragile nation and that the nation under the current ruling establishment is going down the drain.

According to him, the president cannot hurt the ordinary people of the country because he loves his country and wants to work day and night to make sure the improvement of the people continues.

“Let’s raise the discourse, let’s talk about the economic issue, let’s talk about the legal issues, and the tragedy we face as a country,” Rennie urged.

“No one government has all the solutions for the problems the country faces,” he noted, saying the government is not against people bringing solutions to the table.

Minister Rennie argued that it is the expectation of any government that people who were defeated during the electoral period would help in the stewardship of the country, saying “that is how the game should be played, but not to put people down because of a selfish interest.”

He questions those in the opposition community if they think people will clap for them if Liberia doesn’t work under President Weah’s administration and the opposition inherits it.

Further, he wonder how can formal Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, “a great man of high dignity,” not know of the vast improvement made in education since the Weah administration took office and described the education here as deplorable.
Minister Rennie indicated that when the Minister of Education sits on ELBC and at the Ministry of Information’s regular press briefing, he always presents to the public the kind of quality education “we are getting” here.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/citizens-protest-against-mysterious-death/—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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