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Rep. Anderson Rescues Several 12th Graders

Montserrado County lawmaker Richmond Anderson has donated over 1million Liberian dollars to some 12 graders in his district as part payment of WAEC fees he promised those students during the campaign, which led to his victory.

Representative Anderson termed the donation as a pay-back to those students, who supported him during the campaign, adding that though he has not fulfilled all of the promises to his people, but paying the WAEC fees of only two schools is in fulfillment of promise made to the students.

He said a district office will be constructed that will bring together all of his people, further vowing not to be self-center. The two schools benefiting from the donation are Wells-Hairston and the Great Commission in the Chicken Soup Factory community.

“it was not easy at the time the students put their plight before me, but I promised them that I was going to give back what they were giving me, I mean their precious votes, though some of them never voted me, but they are all my people and they found themselves in my district, so, I will do all that I can to please my people.”

In response, the students expressed satisfaction for the donation, and noted that they made no mistake in electing someone like Rep. Anderson, who has good educational foundation.  They praised Anderson for being a good father, who pays attention to the plight of his children.

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