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Rep. Breaks Ground for New Bridge in Bong

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Bong County Representative Prince Kermue Moye has emphasized the need for Liberians to buttress government’s efforts to rebuild the country.

Representative Moye of Electoral District #2 noted that if the improvement of the livelihood of Liberians is only left with the government, the development of the country is still a dream. “There are various ways we can assist government to speed up the development of our country that fought over a decade of devastating civil war,” the lawmaker stated.

He made the assertions recently at programs to break ground for the construction of the Leh-leh Bridge in District Two. He told his audience that with almost everything in the country being a priory, they should be able to sit and think on what to do to improve themselves for the government to buttress their efforts in whatever way possible.

The construction of the bridge is put at more than US$200,000.00, and when completed, is expected to connect the district to other districts, including Kpaai and Kokoyah in the north and east.

According to the lawmaker, the bridge project, one of the projects captured for the district in the 2012/2013 fiscal budget, is significant to the socio-economic growth of the people.

The Bong County District # 2 Representative, also Co-Chairman on Ways Means Finance and the Budget at the House of Representatives expressed the belief that the bridge will assist in fostering trade and commerce between the district and the provincial town of Gbarnga and other areas.

He admonished citizens and residents of the district to support the contractors, as well as refrain from purchasing materials meant for the construction. The ground-breaking came barely a few weeks after ground was also broken for the erection of a clinic in Nyarta in Electoral District Number Two by the Liberian Government.

In Bong County, Representative Moye is the first lawmaker to take more than a dozen projects to his district in one budget year. According to our Bong County Correspondent, the youthful lawmaker continues to receive commendations from his constituents for his ability to drive more developments for the district through the national budget.

At the beginning of this year, Electoral District Number two gained administrative district  status after both Houses of the Liberian Legislature passed a bill for the creation of the new  Jorquelleh District Two. Meanwhile, Representative Moye has promised to lobby with his colleagues at the Legislature to ensure more funding for the development of the district within his six years mandate.

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