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Rep. Candidate claims slow development

Montserrado County Electoral District # 11 representative candidate  Madam Nyenekon Beauty Barcon has descended on incumbent district Rep. Gabriel Nyenkan over alleged slow development that she claims results from the incumbent’s inaccessibility.

Madam Barcon told this paper on Monday, 31 July in an exclusive interview that District # 11 has not been able to meet its prewar status due to the poor performance of Rep. Nyenkan. The former Montserrado County Superintendent expresses frustration over the status of the district, and says she is contesting the October representatives election because she is concerned about the improvement and development of the district.

Madam Barcon says she wants a decent environment for the safety of every resident. She recalls that the district, particularly the E. Jonathan Goodridge Estate had a reliable electricity prior to the war. Today, she says many things are lacking in the district including pipe borne water and electricity, adding that Bannerville Estate and its environs have not met their prewar status.

“These are things that cause the trend of development to be poor and slow in this district. “I think the current lawmaker is inaccessible to the people. As I speak he does not even live in this district, so man like that don’t have the right to request vote from residents”, she claims.

Madam Barcon accuses Rep. Nyenkan of being out of the district for the past two years, thus urging the people not to reelect him because he has acted against the election law of the country. “As a mother, I’m concerned about the youth development and we cannot leave it untouched, because those are our future leaders and the action we will take must be done now to secure [their] future”, she notes.

She boasts that her work will speak for her, claiming to have tangibles that residents of District #11 can point to when during her service as county as superintendent. Prior to becoming a superintendent, Madam Barcon says she worked with the communities in building roads. She says if elected, her priority for the first six months is to serve the people of District #11 in the area of sanitation. She promises a massive cleanup campaign and the opening of existing allay, while working with line ministries and agencies of government to provide more jobs.
 By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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