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Rep. Chambers challenges colleagues

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Representative Bhofal Chambers of Maryland County has challenged Members of the Houses of Representatives for wrongly interpreting the rules of that august body. According to Rep. Chambers, on last Thursday, 15 September 2016, the House wrongly interpreted and executed rule 54.2 of their rules, which states that should the chairperson of any committee – for any cause, cease to serve, it shall be the duty of the speaker to appoint a new chairperson in consultation with the leadership of the House.

He further claimed that such part of their rule was clear and needed no further explanation; in other words, the action in plenary on last Thursday was not in conformity with their prescription, demanding that they return to their rules, saying if a chairman, for any cause, will be removed, the co-chairman should have been his/her replacement, but not to appoint a new chairman.

He said if the rule that brought them to the House cannot be respected, it is unfortunate, noting that the House is a democratic House and must abide by all of the democratic tenets within their
structure. He said as a democratic body, they were under obligation to act democratically. ‘’It is not a choice! It is only a Hobson’s choice; either we work within the defined margins of democracy as democratic citizens and agents or we stand ready to rebrand our structure to a totalitarian one,’’ the Maryland County Representative said, claiming that his colleagues had no authority to change, reshuffle or make adjustments in the current committees, as their rules forbid them in the absence of a cause, a Speaker and consultations with the leadership of the House.

He said it now leaves them with no choice, but to return to their original structure. He said they were all human, even though to err is human, it would be a good sign of good leadership to accept mistakes when they occur and make the proper corrections without delays. 

By Bridgett Milton

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