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Rep. Chambers embraces 3-party coalition

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Maryland County District#2 Representative Dr. Bhofal Chambers has welcomed the three-party coalition of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change, National Patriotic Party and the Liberia People Democratic Party.

Rep. Chambers said he believes in the ideology of the coalition and will cast his vote at the ballot box in its favor in 2017. According to the lawmaker, the CDC-NPP-LPDP marriage promises a bright future for Liberia.

“The actions by the three political parties to form coalition were a brilliant decision taken so far,” he emphasized. Representative Chambers spoke over the weekend at the NPP Jamboree held on the Slipway Community sports grounds in Central Monrovia.

He said it is about time for Liberians to be redeemed from the bad leadership style of the ruling Unity Party headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Speaking earlier, Dr. Chambers emphasized that he has absolutely no vote or votes that will come from within or from him to support the Unity Party in the 2017 elections, even when President Sirleaf shall have relinquished power.

He said the three-party coalition clearly signals that indeed, this time around, Liberian political parties are now becoming to get serious in their political arena to help transform the already poverty-stricken country.

The Maryland County lawmaker urged Liberians to be cautious who to elect as President or representatives in the impending elections. He said voters should not elect individuals who lack don’t leadership skills.

By Zee Roberts

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