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Rep. Chambers wants inclusiveness in Maryland

Rep. Chamber NDThe newly elected Chairman of the Maryland Legislative Caucus, Rep. Bhofal Chambers, has emphasized the need for inclusive working relation among members of the caucus for the benefit of citizens of Maryland Country.

Rep. Chambers indicated that the idea of stressing inclusive working relations among members of the Maryland Legislative Caucus is against the backdrop of tribal misunderstanding and division in the county. ” We the leaders of the county have the corperate responsibility to ensure that citizens of the county are placed in better conditions,” he said.

The newly elected Maryland Caucus Chairman made the remarks when he spoke to UNMIL Radio’s Coffee Break Monday, September 7, 2015. Rep Chambers noted that the role of every member of the county caucus will be meaningful as stakeholder. “This time around, no one will over rule this leadership; my voice will no longer be the final saying,” he added, stressing that it was about time that leaders of Maryland County united and work in the interest of Marylanders.

”I and my colleagues will work collaboratively in supporting initiatives of citizens of the county because we want the best for our county – we want this country to know that Maryland county is one of the productive counties we have in this country,” he said.

The Maryland county Lawmaker, however, urged citizens to stay engaged with their Lawmakers in making ensuring that their district development funds are used in the best of their interest. He assured that his leadership will always represent and pursue the interest of the Marylanders to the fullest. “Our leadership will make sure to stay engaged with the various authorities in the county in making sure that the resources of the county are localized to the people to avoid diversion into personal achievements,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Lawmaker has also urged citizens of the county to get involved with meaningful initiatives to boost the agenda of the county, other than than to do things that those that will hinder the progress and development of the county.

He told UNMIL Radio that Maryland county citizens were far from the position of creating division among themselves, saying “we will not sit and allowed division to destroy our beloved county; it is based upon this that the people saw it prudent to elect us to serve as leaders of this august body,” said Rep Chambers.

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By Lewis S. Teh – Edited by George Barpeen

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