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Rep. Cole seeks amendment to Education Act

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Bong County Electoral District Three Representative J. Marvin Cole, submits a bill to the House of Representatives, seeking amendment of the Education Reform Act of 2011 title 10, Liberian code of laws revised.

According to Rep. Cole, the House passed a comprehensive education reform law which was intended to address some, if not all of the problems attending to the education of the Liberian children and youth.

But he notes that unfortunately seven years after its inception, the Act has proven to be inadequate in providing educational opportunities for citizens and in addressing numerous problems in the school system.

He explains that many school-age children are still out of school, while those who are making frantic effort to stay in school are constantly being put out of classes and denied writing test and examinations on account of school fees.

The lawmaker further laments that some these children and youth do not return to classes because their poverty-stricken parents cannot afford r fees and this is no fault of their own, but because the country fails to provide them economic opportunities to better their lives.

He stresses that the intent and mandate of this provision in the constitution is unambiguously clear but the reality is that there are still many kids out of school because their parents just cannot afford to pay fees.

By Bridgett Milton -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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