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Rep. Dennis excepts to U.S. Ambassador’s statement

By Bridgett Milton

Just a day after United States Ambassador Michael McCarthy issued a statement on the National Legislature, accusing legislators of buttering their own bread, while the masses suffer, Montserrado County District #4 Representative Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis excepts, describing the Ambassador’s statement as not only unfair but also misleading.

Rep. Dennis says it is excruciating and painful for Amb. McCarthy to have a blanket statement over the entire legislature claiming that 30 senators and 73 lawmakers spent US$65m on feathering their own nests proves the agony and bitterness really took hold of the U.S. envoy.

The female lawmaker says she acknowledges the work done by the U.S. Ambassador in Liberia over the years and she’s grateful for his services rendered.

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“In your recent statement, you addressed multiple issues of bad governance and malpractices in certain sectors in those counties. I am elated that you visited some of the hard-to-reach areas in Liberia and thank you for the face-to-face interactions with our people and the practical experience”., she continues.

Dennis agrees with Amb. McCarthy on some issues raised in his statement about lack of accountability, misappropriations of public funds, donor funds, bad governance, and other acts that undermines the development of Liberia and feels frustrated by those revelations as any conscious-minded person would.

However, she says she is of the opinion that the frustration took complete control of the Ambassador to the extent he tried to correct the wrong or bad by deliberately mixing the bad fruits with the good fruits and presenting them as a lemonade.

“Let me state unequivocally herein, our budget we passed is never 65m, next, the 40m plus that is passed is not for 30 Senators and 73 Representative, rather, it’s for the over four thousand workers in central administration and all the legislative staffers”, she explains. 

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She argues that monies received legally by lawmakers for operations can’t be cruelty while reminding Amb. Michael that the U.S. Government allots monies to congressmen and congresswomen for operations, except that Americans want policies and laws, unlike in Liberia where citizens opt for legislative impact projects.  

“Your failure to analyze those legislative engagement funds, four thousand plus central administration staff as well as individual member staffers led to your blanket categorization of the legislature.” 

Dennis concedes that there are totally bad and corrupt people in the legislature but equally so, there are members who do not support corruption, misappropriation of public funds and poor implementation of legislative allotments, adding that the legislature is a democratic institution, not every budget that is passed meets the approval of all members so, the U.S. Ambassador should know that there are gallant men and women in the Liberian Legislature.

“Before you came to Liberia, we have advocated strongly especially, like-minded lawmakers. Your blanket statement did not only hurt or weaken us but it was also intended to frustrate our efforts and destroy our public images in the eyes of our constituents [despite] all the sacrifices”, she laments. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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  1. @Smith, We have to take responsibility for our actions. People are elected to solve these problems. After 6 years, you can’t keep blaming someone else. The people in power are responsible, this is happening under their leadership.

    When are things going to change? Africa’s first nation still looks like the last.

  2. Rep. Rustonlyn Dennis must be commended for standing
    against Ambassador Mcarthy’s falsehoods and diolomatic etiquettes violations in Liberia!

    When last did Mcarthy know since JJ Roberts that Liberia has been a nation of national neglect since 1847?
    Has he not seen the lone airport of the country, the lone University of Liberia, the JFK Memorial Hospital, or has he not ridden on the roads, the streets, seen the trashy capital Monrovia?

    From all indications, these things did not happen just five years ago, they have been there, they are the recipe of a dysfunctional system, blamed on all Liberian leaders beginning with JJ Roberts!

    The false general impression of the Ambasdador here is that the country’s 175 years mis-rule is blamed on a six year government which is not the case.

    I was born and grew up in a Liberian society of neglects and lack of opportunities! I saw no better roads, better health care , educational opportunities and facilities, in my country at the time of economic booms! Iam over fifty now!

    How do you equate those as the faults of a six year old administration? Whether the regime is loved or not, the compelling reality bears lack of love for country of all Liberian leaders including the very Ellen Sirleaf and Joseph Boakai whose administration received the most American support- USD$16 direct investment!

    Liberia’s today’s misrule is a photocopy of the predecessors , of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, of the Joseph Boakai, and others.

    Mcarthy’s government is a great source of Liberia’s woes, America has a greater hand in the destruction of Liberia, its ventured capitalist Firestone Rubber Plantation is a central dehumanization of the population with semi- slavery deplorable living conditions of the people.

    No Liberian is happy with the current pillage of the country but the facts must bear and not be twisted!
    Was the ambassdor inventory of our infrastructural development politically motivated?

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