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Rep. Dopoh to partner with U.S.-based College to improve education in River Gee

By Bridgett Milton
River Gee County District #2 Representative Francis S. Dopoh is closed to partnering with the Williams Collage based in the United State for the improvement of the educational system in River Gee County.

Speaking to this paper Monday, 3 February at his Capitol Building office, Rep. Dopoh said a team from the Williams Collage came here and did an assessment, and provided specialized training for math and science teachers in River Gee County.

According to Rep. Dopoh, there is very serious educational emergency in River Gee County, specifically in his district, that requires the collaboration of the teachers, parents and even the students to find a solution.

He explains that there are some areas in the county where student sit on the floor; while in other areas, students in second and third grades cannot spell common things like ‘second’ or ‘third.’The River Gee County lawmaker adds that the exercise also gives him an insight into what is happening because he was in the classroom and he interacted with students.

For some of the schools, he says there is no laboratory and there is a lack of teachers, noting that he is doing all his best to provide a laboratory and teachers for those schools.
Rep. Dopoh has presented a bill to the House of Representatives for the establishment of a vocational training institute in River Gee County, as he announces a plan to divert some of his resources from other areas to education in his district.

Further, grounds have been broken for the construction of the Williams School to be used as an early childhood program in River Gee County which is hoped to be completed before the end of this year.

Additionally, Rep. Dopoh indicates that from the assessment done by Williams School, it is observed that there is a serious challenge in the school system in the county.

He announces plans to make his case for the establishment of a Williams Collage in Liberia and to also partner with other schools in Liberia to help build the country’s school system.
For his part, the President of the University of Liberia Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson thanks the delegation for coming to Liberia and expresses hope for partnership.
Williams College was established in 1793 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, U.S.A.—Edited by Winston W. Parley


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